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Updated Sunroom

I shared photos of our sunroom over the summer, and while it looked super cute, it wasn’t all that functional. Even though we have three sitting rooms (a formal living room, a man cave in the basement, and this sunroom), we never felt like we had our go-to cozy hang-out family room. That was something that kept gnawing at me, so I knew we had to … Read the post >>

Entryway Makeover

When we bought our house last year, we had all these grand plans to redo every room and install all kinds of fancy things… including a new bannister. Because we live in a split-level, the first thing that you see when you walk into our home is a staircase. Not chic. The bannister was dated and ugly, and I wanted to replace it with a … Read the post >>

How to Store Your Jewelry

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect jewelry storage solution for years and finally found it. In this search, I had three criteria: Visibility– When I can’t see something, I forget to wear it, so visibility was a must. This only pertains to costume jewelry, as my fine jewelry lives in a little safe. Since I’ve switched to this set up where I can see literally everything, … Read the post >>

Laundry Room Makeover

One of the things I was most excited about when we bought our house last fall, was having an actual laundry room… for the first time ever in my entire adult life. Even though the room is itsy bitsy, I love having a space 100% dedicated to laundering as opposed to a closet (like we had in our last apartment) or having to send out the laundry ever week (like we … Read the post >>

Decorating with Coffee Table Books

Jewelry Box / Vase / The Coveteur c/o / IMPACT If you haven’t gathered by now, I liked to decorate with books… Like a lot. My collection of coffee table books has grown quite a bit over the last year. I have them displayed in many of the rooms in my house so thought I’d share a few photos of where they live my space. I’ve made some … Read the post >>

Bedroom Tour

I’m so excited to finally be sharing our master bedroom with you guys! It’s definitely not the usual all-white (and gold) with-pink-roses blogger set up… which makes me very happy! This is the room where we rest and recharge and, given my sleep issues, it was important to me that it felt very simple and calming. This room was a challenge for Shelby, my designer … Read the post >>

What’s in my Guest Bathroom

Now that we have a house with a real guest room (that has it’s own bathroom), we get quite a few overnight visitors. One of my tips in this post about how to prepare for home guests was to make their space, meaning the rooms that they will use the most, extra comfortable. I went over how to do this in the bedroom but today, I  wanted … Read the post >>

How to Style an Entryway

Later this week, CBS is coming over to film some of the rooms of my home for a piece that they’re doing on my design firm. While my living room has been done for a while, the entryway table (across from the actual living room) had been bugging me. It looked great but didn’t feel styled or fully pulled together.  Since this is the first … Read the post >>