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Kate Spade Florals

Last Friday, I spent a (very cold!) day in the city for NYFW. If you’re a long time reader, you know that Fashion Week is so not my thing, but there are a few events that I like to attend. One of them is the Kate Spade presentation. It’s always fun and whimsical, and this year was no different. They showed both spring and fall … Read the post >>

The Best Maternity Jeans

Now that I have a growing bump, my jeans no longer fit. I was pretty sad about it at first, until I discovered maternity jeans. Man, did that discovery change my life! If you’ve never worn a pair, let me just tell you, it’s like wearing sweatpants… that look like jeans. My mom bought me these for Christmas, and I’m hooked. If you scroll down, … Read the post >>

All of the Swims

For anyone like me who has spring break on the mind, or an upcoming beach vacation, I’ve got you covered! I’m loving all of the hot pinks, pom poms, and stripes this season. It’s taking every ounce of me to not buy every single thing on this wish list for my trip to Florida this month. I did pull the trigger on this striped one-piece … Read the post >>

Pink Wrap Dress

Oh man am I missing LA right about now. Yesterday it dumped snow all day and refused to creep up over 30 degrees. I actually bought a SAD lamp for the first time because I’m so over this winter. I’m hoping it helps. Have any of you guys ever tried one? I’m also feeling happy looking back at these photos in one of my favorite … Read the post >>

Ice Cream in Venice

Happy Monday, friends! I’m back from Cali feeling so rejuvenated. Spending time with three incredible females, my mom, sister, and grandmother, made me hopeful and happy and loved. The blue skies and sunshine didn’t hurt at all either. While the trip itself was amazing, what I saw at JFK on my way home was once in a lifetime. I’ll get into that later. The first day … Read the post >>

Diamond Ring Stack + Giveaway

Ok before I get into today’s post, I want to announce a pretty incredible giveaway. You guys are always asking me about the trio of delicate diamond rings that I wear stacked on my right hand. Because there’s so much interest in these pieces, I teamed up with A.Jaffe to gift one of you a diamond band (worth up to $1500) to get your own stack started! … Read the post >>

LA Packing List

I want to thank you guys for an incredible response to my post yesterday. I honestly had no idea how people would react to it, but seeing how many people agreed with my point of view and supported what I was saying made me feel like I did the right thing by writing it. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming… On Thursday, my sister, … Read the post >>

Love Trumps Hate

What a weekend! We had a great one personally, but seeing how many people showed up to fight for women’s equality made it extra special. I love these photos taken from marches all over the world. It gives me goosebumps just to look. Scrolling through social media on Saturday night and talking to friends who attended marches around the country gave me a sense of … Read the post >>