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Jack Rogers Rain Boots

I am beyond excited to be heading to Los Angeles with my sister a week from today. This winter has been extra brutal for me because we’ve cut way down on our traveling. With Anel’s new business venture, we had to make some changes… But it’s been hard to not have frequent trips to look forward to. Next Wednesday, I’m flying out to LA to … Read the post >>

Tickled Pink

I’ve been having a major case of wanderlust lately. Maybe it’s the fact that seemingly everyone on Instagram is in Cabo or Turks & Caicos, or the fact that it’s already been a long winter and we have so much more to go. By this time each year, Anel and I have usually solidified a tropical vacation for February. With his new business, it’s been … Read the post >>

Snow Days

After a very busy holiday season, Anel and I wanted to unwind and connect without our phones or any stress, so we planned a day of massages, healthy eating, and relaxing. On Saturday morning, we drove up to The Mayflower Grace for our luxurious spa day, and it was better than I could have ever imagined. We stayed at the hotel last spring, and our favorite … Read the post >>

Red Flats

I realize that blue stripes and white jeans are not exactly appropriate for January, but yesterday the sun came out, it was 50 degrees (practically tropical around here!), and I felt so excited to feel sunshine on my face and soak up some vitamin D. I suffer from mild seasonal depression, and at some point every winter decide I want to move to California. Then … Read the post >>

Plaid Ribbon

Today, my holiday festivities begin, in a way, as my mom arrives in town this afternoon. Tomorrow we’re going to do a massive grocery haul as we have three dinners in a row to host: Mexican food with my uncle and cousins on Friday, Christmas Eve’s seven fishes dinner on Saturday (it’s an Italian thing), and then a big for Christmas dinner with my family and … Read the post >>

Holiday Coat

When planning outfits for holiday parties, it’s important not to forget about outerwear! When you walk into the party, you’re usually wearing it, so it can make a serious first impression. Last weekend, we had two parties in a row on Saturday, and I came prepared with my current favorite holiday-season coat. I’m obsessed with the shimmery fabric (You can’t really tell how pretty it … Read the post >>

Fewer Better Things

As I get older, and fall more and more in love with Marie Kondo’s method of de-cluttering by only keeping things that truly spark joy in your life, the more I appreciate the concept of owning fewer, better things. Quality-made pieces that will last decades, if not a lifetime. I did one big Kondo-style clean-out earlier this year, and repeated smaller versions of it monthly … Read the post >>

Holiday Card

Shooting this year’s holiday card felt good. Like really good. Last year, I was in such a bad place, feeling so sorry for myself. While we took the photos, I had just had my second miscarriage… which is why we wore glasses in the photos. There were tears, it was awful. This year, I felt happy, fulfilled, loved, and healthy. The amount I’ve grown in the … Read the post >>