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Holiday Coat

When planning outfits for holiday parties, it’s important not to forget about outerwear! When you walk into the party, you’re usually wearing it, so it can make a serious first impression. Last weekend, we had two parties in a row on Saturday, and I came prepared with my current favorite holiday-season coat. I’m obsessed with the shimmery fabric (You can’t really tell how pretty it … Read the post >>

Fewer Better Things

As I get older, and fall more and more in love with Marie Kondo’s method of de-cluttering by only keeping things that truly spark joy in your life, the more I appreciate the concept of owning fewer, better things. Quality-made pieces that will last decades, if not a lifetime. I did one big Kondo-style clean-out earlier this year, and repeated smaller versions of it monthly … Read the post >>

Holiday Card

Shooting this year’s holiday card felt good. Like really good. Last year, I was in such a bad place, feeling so sorry for myself. While we took the photos, I had just had my second miscarriage… which is why we wore glasses in the photos. There were tears, it was awful. This year, I felt happy, fulfilled, loved, and healthy. The amount I’ve grown in the … Read the post >>

Holiday Travel

Annndddd we’re back… Thanksgiving weekend came and went in a flash, making it now officially the holiday season. My weekend was so wonderful, a great time of unwinding, eating, and spending time with family. The highlights included a Thanksgiving dinner mannequin challenge (which included my 90 year old great aunt), and seeing my brother Jackson perform as Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol. He was so … Read the post >>

Double Leopard + Black Friday Sales

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving! Mine was filled with food and family, but today I’m in Christmas shopping mode, and hoping to get everyone checked off of my list with these amazing sales (scroll all the way down to see them). The ones marked below with an asterisk are new as of my last sale round up. This sweater (that I’m wearing in blush) … Read the post >>

Early Black Friday Sales

Remember when things were simple and Black Friday was really just that? Black Friday. Now it’s a full week of mayhem, which actually benefits all of us because the sales happening already are off the charts awesome. Below are the best sales that have started early. Check back on Friday for even more deals, and scroll down to shop some of my favorite looks with … Read the post >>

Letters for Santa

As promised, here is my second post of the day! While the holiday season is lots of fun and games (and food and drink), for us bloggers it is “busy season”, meaning I buckle down on nights and weekends in addition to my usual hours to bring you more content, shoot more outfits, and put together lots of fun gift guides. While it’s actually pretty fun, every … Read the post >>

Vintage Pearls (and Giveaway!)

I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving this week. I feel like Labor Day was just yesterday! It also means the biggest sales of the year are around the corner, so you better believe I’ll be giving you the scoop here, and on social media. But before we go down the Black Friday rabbit hole (I already have anxiety!), I wanted to start off this holiday week with … Read the post >>