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Life Lately: Volume 5

What a week! After a lot of snow and an icy front, the temps rose above 50 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday, which inspired me to head to the beach not once, but twice for a walk at sunset, and the next day in the morning. Boots loves to play on the sand, and being near the ocean grounds me more than anything in the … Read the post >>

Marriage is a Team Sport

I get a lot of questions about relationships, especially marriage. I think people see the perfect picture we, as bloggers, paint regarding our married life. While I feel incredibly lucky to say that I am in a happy marriage, it’s not all based on luck. Yes, I happened to find and fall in love with an amazing man, but it’s been work to keep the beast of … Read the post >>

Life Lately: Volume 4

Happy Friday! The first week of the year flew by, didn’t it? I woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday. Getting back into the swing of work was tough, but I’m feeling high on life today after four super productive days, a successful photo shoot, cooking healthy, vibrant recipes for every single meal I ate all week, and some extra sunshine in the sky. … Read the post >>


Happy New Year, guys! It’s been a minute, am I right? Taking off two weeks from blogging and social media (mostly) was definitely restorative but I truly missed it, something that I never felt in other jobs, which made me realize just how lucky I am to be doing the work that I love on a daily basis. So today I’m back with a post I’m really … Read the post >>


31 What a year… am I right? With all the craziness going on in the world right now, here are a few of my happiest memories from 2016. I’ll see you again in January with new content and a fresh brain! In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and enjoy time off with friends and family. Guest Room Boots Poolside Cover … Read the post >>

Life Lately: Volume 3

Coat / Necklace / Over-the-Knee Boots Happy Friday! It was quite the (freezing cold) week here in Connecticut. On Sunday night, I went to my very first NFL game to see the Giants play Dallas with my dad. After four hours in the cold, I woke up on Monday with a sore throat… shocker! I spent the week drinking lots of lemon, ginger tea and … Read the post >>

How I Keep my House Clean

Having a dog is a wonderful amazing joy that I wouldn’t give up for the world. But with that joy comes a ton of responsibility and a lot of annoyances. Luckily, with a little work, they’re all quite solvable. One is finding a place for him to stay when we travel, which we’ve solved with Wagmore, an amazing boarding facility that Boots just adores. Another is the … Read the post >>

My Favorite Local Restaurants

Sweater / Scarf (on sale for $10!) / Jeans / Boots Now that we’ve lived in Connecticut for two years (I still consider myself a city slicker, but that’s another story), I feel like I finally have a solid list of go-to restaurants and bars. I often get asked where to eat in Fairfield County, so I rounded up a list of some of my … Read the post >>