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Chili'n Avocado Toast 2

Crunchy Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. I eat it probably too often so I like to make all kinds of varieties so that I don’t get sick of it (like that’s even possible?). I’ve done the citrus thing with a squeeze of lemon juice, I love adding chia seeds or hard boiled eggs for extra protein, and … Read the post >>


Lemon Scones with Sage Butter

The City Sage is one of my favorite daily blogs. If you haven’t already discovered it, you’ll be thanking me forever for introducing you to Anne and her whimsical looks, incredible recipes, and insightful writing. We came up with the cutest ever idea for a collaboration based on our blog names. The challenge? Create a breakfast and dinner baked good with lemon and sage. I … Read the post >>

breakfast quinoa

Breakfast Quinoa

It’s so freaking hard to get back into a healthy routine after the holidays. I always tell myself that come January 1st, things will be different. But I can’t just stop eating sweets and extra salty food in a day, it takes a few to ween myself off. I finally feel back on track, eating like my normal self and feeling more energetic and less … Read the post >>

Nutella Bread Spread

Nutella Bread

I love how the name of this recipe has the word bread in it. It at least makes you think you’re about to eat something semi-healthy and/or bread-like. In reality this is a straight up buttery sugary cake with Nutella swirled in. Score! It makes for a lovely little breakfast or afternoon treat. Note to self: Don’t bake this the same week that you are … Read the post >>

breakfastsandwich copy

Healthy Breakfast Sandwich

When I worked at Integrative Nutrition, I was surrounded by healthy people day in and day out. I always observed what people made for their breakfast. They got pretty creative in our office kitchen! This recipe is derived from my mornings there. It’s now my go-to when I want something heartier than my usual green smoothie. I love a good breakfast sandwich and this is … Read the post >>


Gluten Free Banana Bread

I’m still going strong with this gluten free thang (see brownies from a few weeks ago) and feeling better than ever! I never get too full and I tend to overeat way less. I still crave bready/desserty type dishes so I made this gluten free banana bread for breakfast last weekend and OH MY GOD was I impressed. My husband said it was the best … Read the post >>

applekale copy

Apple Kale Muffins

My adorable little brother, Jackson, asked his mother to make him apple kale muffins for his 2nd birthday. How amazing is this kid that he asks for muffins with KALE in them instead of chocolate cake or candy on his birthday? I only hope that one day my kids will be so freaking awesome. Although I couldn’t spend his actual birthday with the little guy, … Read the post >>


Pumpkin Bread

Every October, bakers, bloggers, foodies, and most humans on the east coast become obsessed with anything made with pumpkin. Pumpkin spice lattes anyone? I am not an exception to this rule. Last year I made pumpkin swirl brownies and pumpkin bread pudding and my mouth is watering just thinking about them. This year, I present to you my first pumpkin recipe of the season: an … Read the post >>