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Sarasota Packing List

I’m so excited to be up and away to Florida today. The snow and ice as of late has really gotten under my skin, and this baby girl and I are both in major need of some Vitamin D. I’m hoping she’s just like her mama, and loves the sun and warm weather. And although I’m majorly craving a margarita (Maybe they’ll make me a virgin?), … Read the post >>

Girls Wellness Getaway

Shirt c/o / Sweater (40% off today!) Last week I spent a few days in Montauk with Gurney’s on a wellness retreat. I’ve been on the road for so much of the last two months that when they reached out, I almost said no. Then I heard what it involved, and I quickly changed my tune. Plus, two of my favorite people (and favorite bloggers for that … Read the post >>

Napa Travel Guide

I’m going to give you my recommendations based on my experiences in Napa, but note that my friend Victoria is far better versed in the area and has the best Napa guide ever! Check it out here for a lot more options. One of my favorite things about her post is the simple map she created (below) to make it easy to understand where you … Read the post >>


And just like that, summer is over. I can’t believe how quickly the summer went by but I’m grateful that this week in Connecticut is still going to be hot and sunny for the most part. Speaking of hot and sunny… Seatttle was not that at all. Although the afternoons were sunny, they were definitely still a little chilly and the mornings were downright freezing and … Read the post >>

36 Hours in Nantutcket

Our trip to Nantucket last weekend was short but oh so sweet. As I mentioned earlier this week we were there with the amazing Lands’ End team to see the Boston Pops perform on Jetties Beach to raise money for the on-island hospital. It was a magical evening full of music, a fireworks show, endless glasses of rosé, and an appearance from Kenny Loggins! On … Read the post >>

Hidden Pond

Last week, my sister and I took a girls’ trip (no boys allowed!) to Kennebunkport, Maine, to visit our aunts and to check out Hidden Pond, a luxurious yet rustic resort (we had our own bungalow, pictured above) that we’ve been wanting to visit for a long time. While there were so many beautiful things to see there, I wanted to enjoy the vacation, so … Read the post >>

Beach Staycation

Anel and I travel a lot, but it’s rare that we get to bring with the puppy, so we jump at any chance we get. This weekend, we were invited (with Boots!) to the Madison Beach Hotel in Madison, CT, a cute little beach town only an hour away from where we live. We had no expectations as we had never heard of it, but were blown away … Read the post >>

Matunuck Oyster Bar

T Shirt c/o / Shorts / Hat c/o / Sandals What a weekend. WHAT a weekend! It was one of those vacations where everything was just perfect. We got every parking spot, had no waits at busy restaurants, and the weather was a 10 three days in a row (If you live in New England you know that the probability of this is next to … Read the post >>