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Yoga for Insomnia

I’ve written about my insomnia time and time again, most recently here. My sleep challenge is a constant battle and something that I will always work to improve. Whether it’s acupuncture, breathing exercises, natural supplements, or a nighttime routine, I’m willing to try pretty much anything. One thing that I try to do on and off is a nightly yoga routine. Whenever I practice yoga before bed, I … Read the post >>

The Importance of Downtime

Lulu & Georgia Moroccan Pouf, custom Society Social chair, Pottery Barn sisal rug This summer was one of the best of my life. We were lucky enough to travel almost every week, and when we were home, our weekends were packed full of plans and projects. It was a non-stop blur of activity. Last weekend was the first I’ve had with only a few plans in … Read the post >>

When to Go Natural

I recently read that women put an average of 168 chemicals on their body every day. Every day! That number was eye-opening and disturbing to me. As someone who values living a clean lifestyle, I probably use less than half of the chemicals that the average woman, but even that is aggressive. To help more people go the natural route, I thought I’d share some of … Read the post >>

A Good Night’s Sleep

I’ve written a lot about my struggle with insomnia, and I’ve deemed my 30s the decade where I squash it for good. With the help of the National Sleep Foundation, I’m proud to give you an update with some vast improvements! Over the last month I’ve been taking their #GoodNights challenge which involves following a series of 10 sleeping tips for 30 days. Even though I … Read the post >>

Products to Help You Sleep

I’ve talked about my insomnia before, but in the last 6 months I have been focusing more and more on making my sleep a priority. With a good night’s rest, I feel like I can conquer the world and the more of those I have in a row, the better I feel.  I live by my 5 rules for a better sleep but I also have a … Read the post >>

Tips for Overcoming Anxiety

I’ve written in the past about my lifelong battle with anxiety. It’s been like a bad ex-boyfriend that always shows up when you least expect him and makes everyday life a struggle. I recently went through a 2-week intensely anxious period (It’s passed and I now feel great again!), and although it’s not fun to talk about, I hope that by sharing my tips, I can … Read the post >>

Skin Cleanse

I was blessed by the skin Gods and somehow never had acne in my teenage years. However, a year before my wedding, I developed what my facialist called “cystic acne”. It didn’t look all that terrible, but it was deeply rooted under my skin hurt like a mo’ fo’. I’ve since learned how to control it with the product I use and by avoiding certain … Read the post >>

The Space Between

Image via Popsugar Lately my days can get crazy to the point where every few minutes (literally) I’m working on a different project with hardly any time in between to even stop and take a breath. Over the last few months, I’ve learned to take small breaks throughout the day or night to clear my mind and/or physically get my blood moving. Today I’m sharing … Read the post >>