Jumpsuit 3

This week has been a bit of a tough one for me personally. I’ve been struggling with some inner demons (wow that sounded SUPER dramatic) and have come out after the hump of the week with a positive outlook. Part of that is a fake it till ya make it attitude which is achievable with my “always looks good” lipstick and throwing on a fun and flattering jumpsuit (under $50).

The more important part of overcoming inner anxieties for me is how I handle myself in the thick of it and afterwards.

After an stressful day, there are 2 ways that I can let go of that high-anxiety, shaky, nervous feeling:

1. Have a glass of wine and watch mindless TV, or

2. Lace up and sweat it out by going for a nice long sweaty, humid run which is secretly my favorite kind. Something about the detoxification of it all!

This week I practiced both of these options and they both work wonderfully well although the latter makes me feel a whole lot better in the long run.

How do you get over a stressful day?

Side note about these photos: My boss, a colleague, and one of the investors in my company happened to drive by me taking them on the Upper East Side one night. How mortifying!! Had to laugh at myself about that one though.

Jumpsuit 1


Jumpsuit 2

Jumpsuit 4

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Photos by Rebecca Dale Photography

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