Fashionista Fridays: Arielle

Location: NYC
Occupation: JeWELLry Designer and Wellness Coach
Website: Be Well with Arielle

I met Arielle 3 years ago when I started working at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. We became fast friends, when, during my first week of working there, she designed a gorgeous green crystal necklace for me (seen here). I wear her ILoveMe ring every single day of the week and it gives me a gentle reminder to love myself, no matter what. Arielle is one of the kindest, most uplifting, not to mention stunningly beautiful women that I’ve ever met. I feel so lucky to have her in my life. I want to share some of her secrets with you here!

How would you describe your style?
Colorful, eclectic and ALWAYS accessorized! The more necklaces layered, rings stacked, bracelets worn at a time (oh- and brighter the nail polish), the cooler the outfit!

What are your favorite brands?
Ah! This is always the hardest question for me answer! (and “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”- such a tough one too!) Honestly, if I like it (and it’s reasonable), I’ll buy it! You’ll never spot me in a flannel JCrew shirt, but if you do, bet that I’ll have on a HUGE, bold and (maybe) sparkly accessory paired with it!

What is your number one piece of fashion advice?
1. “Dont let anyone dull your sparkle!” Wear what you want to wear and be who you want to be. Oh- and dress up for YOURSELF- if you feel great, you’ll look great!
2. Start trends, don’t follow them.
3. Wear color and anything that makes you feel bright and confident. Even colorful underwear or a cool leopard bra is part of your outfit and can totally help brighten your mood!
4. Pick out your outfit based on your mood and choose your clothes based on your accessories. An awesome pair of earrings, or a cool pair of tights, or amazing pair high heels can make an outfit in an instant!
5. The more accessories, the better. So, go on and stack those rings and bracelets!

Any beauty secrets?
I never (really, never!) go to sleep without washing my face. And, then, right before bed, I lather pure, unrefined coconut oil on my face and neck. Pure, natural and so moisture-rich! I also work really hard on being happy. I believe that the happier you are, the prettier you feel, and will look. A cute chick with a frown is just not cute. So, go on and smile…and those new leopard shoes will look even more fab!

Oh- and eat well!!! Nourishing yourself from within with colorful, natural foods, affects how you feel AND look! Drink that green juice and notice your skin glow!

What is your favorite thing about your look?
Whether I’m in a yoga class or at a black-tie wedding, you can always spot me wearing at least item that I’ve designed. (Usually it’s my two iloveME rings – one with a white pearl and one with white diamonds – stacked on my right, middle finger!) Everything that I design has an intention behind it, so I always feel amazing wearing what I make!

Also, you can never put a price-tag on my outfit. I hate looking at someones outfit and knowing exactly how much they spent. I usually wear one really bold item- a peacock necklace or leopard high heels or a sparkly belt, paired with a simple top and jeans.


  • Karenchouser

    Great interview. Love the ring. I am also envious of the crystal necklace, as I have been looking for something similar and have yet to find it!