High Waisted

High Waisted

While my husband and I were away for 4 nights, we made a rule to work as little as possible. I had a million ideas for outfits and places to take photos of them but decided to keep it to only 2 so that we could enjoy our break without worrying about anything.

So here is one of 2 looks that I’ll share (To see more, check out my photo diary of the trip). I wore this outfit out to dinner one night on the island, feeling funky and fashionable only to realize that with a tiny silk top and high waisted shorts, I would be freezing! Going forward, I planned more accordingly. I do, however, think that I’ve officially found my 4th of July look. See last year’s here.

If I look extra happy and relaxed in these photos, it’s because I was! I mean look at those surroundings! That flowered outside walkway surrounded the pool at our hotel. So stunning, right? Sorry I don’t have more to write today but coming back from 5 days away means 5 days of catch up at work, at the store, and here on the blog.

High Waisted

High Waisted

High Waisted

High Waisted

Photos by Anel.

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  • Caitlin

    you’re adorable – love this. i recently returned from a caribbean jaunt as well – and that first week back was such torture!! i feel your pain 🙂

    • Definitely torture but also it’s nice to have the memory, right?!

      • Caitlin

        yes, so nice to have the memory! and the pictures! and the tan! (for the time being…;)

  • Love those shorts!!

  • Amanda Risius

    Oh my gosh I LOVE this!! Such cute shorts and fun prints to mix it up. Definitely adding to my wish list 🙂


  • Holly + Casey

    I really love this short and top combination! Smart to keep the work to a minimum on vacation so you can actually relax!

  • Love the outfit! I find the high-waisted shorts make my legs look longer. You look amazing & relaxed!

    • Yes they totally do! I have short legs in proportion to my body so it’s a good look for me. But the wedges definitely help too!

  • Gorgeous outfit! Loving the colors and patterns! And you really do look happy and relaxed!