• Iza

    I feel like this post is highly innapropriate…I enjoy your blog and the fact that you are always honest, and I agree with you that sometimes you can just hit a wall. But to use the work “fuck” and actually give the finger in your picture is not cool. There is more diplomate way to blog about a bad day. I certainly hope you will have a great vacation and that you will come back positive, this is not the kind of blog post I enjoy.

    • Catt

      I completely agree about the potty mouth remarks. This language is inappropriate and not what I expected.

      • Hey Ladies. I’m sorry if this post offended you. Of course that was never my intention! I always try to be honest and authentic here so I wrote what I was feeling.

        However, I write Lemon Stripes for my readers and your comments made me realize that some might be young impressionable girls, or people without potty mouths like me, so I just went ahead toned down the language a bit.

        Thank you for your honesty and I hope that my posts in the future inspire you in a positive way!

  • Leslie

    I hope you have a great trip! We all need an attitude adjustment every now and then 🙂

  • Enjoy your trip! I think everyone is worn down by this winter and needs time to just rewind, relax, and rejuvenate. Hope Turks is delightful!!!! And WARM.

  • Courtney S.

    This is my favorite post so far! A girl after my own heart. Go ahead and enjoy that vacation!!

  • Hilary Biggart

    I loved, loved, loved this blog post. Thank you for being brutally honest, and actually noting that it is okay to not be perfect. Thank you! Enjoy your vacation, and Lean In – it’s a great read.

  • I really, really love this post! I totally agree with you.


  • stephie

    Have a great trip!

  • Fun shirt and fun post! Enjoy your vaca!


  • Tomissa Porath

    Girl, be yourself. I absolutely love honesty from bloggers, especially since we all seem to be fighting the notion of having idealistic lives. Sorry you were bogged down with this situation when all you really needed to do was vent. I love all of your posts, this one included.

    Get your toes in the sand, catch up on some much desired reading, and have a cocktail (or five) and forget about this. Your readers will love you regardless if you are hoisting up one finger or two.

  • Winky

    lol I think if you’re a true New Yorker you’re bound to have used the F-word now and again (especially after this terrible winter!). I just moved from New York to Vegas about a year ago, and I have to say that there’s a lot of things I miss but the weather is not one of them!!

    You look lovely by the way, loving the sass.

    ♡ Winky

  • Kristin Haus

    Oh geez, sometimes you just have to drop the f-bomb. Kudos to you for being a real human being! Seriously, it’s not like your posts are rife with indiscretion. Let’s just enjoy the occasional f-bomb and not take ourselves too seriously shall we? Enjoy your vacation!

  • Sloane

    I love this post, Julia! I think sometimes bloggers become so disconnected and make everything sounds so freaking perfect when in reality it is not. I love that you keep it real and aren’t afraid to be you! Keep doing what you are doing!


  • Lila

    Ugh, gross, can’t believe people are giving you shit for using the word ‘fuck’ in your personal writing. Seriously guys? She’s an adult, she’s allowed to use adult language.

  • Julie

    Haha. This is hilarious! I’ve had such a bad winter that I’m just coming out of my snow induced coma and finally getting back to looking at your awesome blog. I love love love this outfit. So cute just like you!

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