So the “F” can stand for the “flowers” on my favorite tee or the “F-word” underneath them (NOTE: Took out the actual swear in this because of reader comments and emails received that using this word was offensive which was never my intention!). You choose. Right now, I choose both. The F-word because seriously, New York, eff you and this winter. I can’t take it anymore. “Flowers” because I’m currently flying out to sunny Turks & Caicos for 5 days of R&R with Anel. We plan to do nothing but lay on the beach, eat, and sleep. In fact I might just sleep on the beach so I don’t have to move at all until Sunday. We’ll see how that goes . . .

I try not to ever be negative here on Lemon Stripes but at a certain point, people can just hit a wall, you know? I’ve hit it. At lightening speed. My body is cold and worn down, I feel exhausted from working, blogging, running my shop, not sleeping, and being married. I feel like I’m working my ass off but half-assing every area of my life. Yes, I plan to read Lean In on the beach. I cannot imagine a better time for this trip.

So adios, folks. See you on Monday! Follow my adventures in the sand on Instagram this week. I promise to return with a tan and a better attitude.

Oh and as for me giving the bird below? That’s not to you. I love you all! Plus, Rebecca made me do it . . .





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Photos by Rebecca Dale.

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