• Heidi D.

    I LOVE this! Great reminder to use what you’ve got and wonderful inspiration for using accessories to transform a look and mixing prints in new ways. Thank you for this post!!!

    Heidi D.

  • Meredith Emerson

    I’m curious to see what the first outfit would look like on. Would you wear that floral shirt over the dress? Would love to see this as outfit post!

    And a great message to share! I need to work on being better at recycling clothes as well!

    • Yes I would put the floral shirt over the dress and make the dress a “skirt” for that look. Maybe I’ll have to style that up for an outfit post soon. Great idea!

  • Jen

    SO true! I was a shopping addict before becoming a blogger and it’s only gotten worse! I’m doing my best to save up for classic pieces now instead of adding pieces here and there that I convince myself that I need.

    Love how you styled the three outfits! I’d love to see an outfit picture with one of these options 🙂

    xo, Jen

  • Great post! I’m constantly recycling pieces in my closet (hello…summer camp for four kids is NOT cheap!) . I especially love the brunch ensemble. That striped tote is the perfect summer accessory!

  • Haley Valerie

    I love this post! Great idea!


  • This is exactly how I feel about my wardrobe too! Sometimes its best to keep your favorite old pieces in rotation!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth