Summer Stripes

navy shorts 1

It’s almost the weekend! Thank God because when it’s hot and sunny out, I get super antsy being inside all day. I’ve started forcing my coworkers to eat outside with me at lunchtime so we can get at least 30 minutes of vitamin D. It can make all the difference in your day.

navy shorts 4

The vibe this week has been exciting and upbeat. Do you guys feel that too? Seems like everyone I know has something cool going on in the last few days. I finally got my Nourish stock options which made me feel like a serious adult. To own a piece of a company feels really cool! I also had two fun interviews go up on Well + Good and The Preppy Post Grad. Read them to learn more about my holistic beauty routine and my career path, respectively.
navy shorts 2

On to important things like the outfit. It still feels weird to me to be walking around in shorts and a tank top. I feel naked without my puffy coat and boots! This cold ass mother effing winter was so brutal that us New Yorkers are all vowing not to complain about the heat this summer (yeah right).
navy shorts 5

I bought this striped muscle tank a few weeks ago with a gift card on a whim and it’s turned into my favorite piece of the summer so far. It’s great with shorts, a high waisted skirt, white jeans, and even to work out in. For under $40, she’s a versatile little sucker.

navy shorts 3

Photos by Rebecca Dale Photography

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