Until last week, I had never been into TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Shocking, I know. I didn’t have one in my town growing up and it was always far away from my apartment in NYC. When I partnered with them for this post, I was nervous about what I would encounter, excepting Century 21-type madness.


I was pleasantly surprised to find approximately a million things that I “needed” for the season. I ended up coming home with both of the comfy and luxurious designer cashmere sweaters in this post as well as a roll of striped wrapping paper (for $2.99!) and a few bags of my favorite granola.


This might be my new favorite place on earth. I could have spent hours looking around at pieces from all of my favorite brands including a few things that I’ve seen in the last week or two in major department stores. It was truly a Christmas miracle!






Photos by Rebecca Dale Photography.


Shop the look:



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