Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

Polo 1

Whenever I take two days fully off of work and blogging, Sunday nights are a mad scrambling dash to get to the finish line at a decent hour but this time it was so worth it. On Saturday, Anel, Hallie, Victoria, Carly, and I joined the masses on Liberty State Island for the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic which is basically a day where people get dressed up and excessively drink exorbitantly priced bottles of champagne. I’m pretty sure they played polo at some point and there was definitely a guy named Nacho who we thought was a horse. . . But more importantly, I had an excuse to wear my new favorite maxi dress.

Polo 6
Polo 2

When we arrived at Battery Park in lower Manhattan, there were thousands (literally) of people dressed in their preppiest gear waiting in line to get onto one of the coveted ferries to the island that hosts the match. We saw men in every color of pants and bow ties galore. Hats on hats on hats and summer dresses seemed to be the theme for the ladies of the day. Bill Cunningham was there, of course, snapping shots of the fashionable crowd which included a photo of me and Victoria!!!! I basically died and went to heaven and am crossing my fingers so hard that somehow the image ends up on the NYT fashion section this week.
Polo 9
Polo 3

After a windy ferry ride, followed by a 20 minute walk, we staked out our spot on the grass, immediately bought 3 bottles of sparkling rosé and hit up the food trucks. Of course we made time for outfit photos and plenty of Instagrams.
photo (1)
Polo 11

Polo 10

Polo 5

Polo 8

We looked pretty dece, I’d say, until we decided to make the long walk back to the ferry exactly as it started to down pour for a 10 minute summer storm. Instead of waiting it out under a tree like everyone else, we ran as fast as we could, giggling with our shoes in our hand, trying to hold a blanket over our heads. It was quite a site. See below for before and after this glorious little adventure. Don’t mind the rat tail and wet dog looks in the last photo. You can’t tell from the photo but our dresses are completely soaked through.

Total side note but I’ve been on the look out for the perfect strapless bra and found this one (Lily of France Gel Touch Strapless Push Up) which I wore under my dress. It stayed in place all day even running through the rain!

Polo 4

Polo 7

Photos by Hallie.

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