An Organized Closet

Organized Closet

Moving to the suburbs has had many pros and cons. One of many welcome changes was getting more closet space. Somehow I got my husband to agree to letting me have the walk-in closet to myself (Another post on the power of persuasion might be in order!).

I have a lot of clothing, shoes, and accessories, so it’s important to stay organized. My closet always looks a little messier than most because of my affinity for color and patterns which are inherently busy.

Luckily, my friends at PB Teen offered to help organize the space with some of their closet organization tools (See our bedroom makeover from last year here). We teamed up again to give you three quick tips to organize your own closet. Check out the post on their blog too.

Organized Closet
Tip 1: Showcase beautiful things
I purposely kept the left wall free for two nail-head shelves that house beautiful things. I like to be inspired in every room of my home (even the bathroom) and the closet is no exception! I’m sure the decor will change season to season but for now, I love displaying two Hermes boxes that house 2 very special gifts, a pretty vase with peonies, and perfume for a last-minute spritz. The 2nd shelf holds the two of my many bags that I’m currently using the most.

Organized Closet

Organized Closet

Tip 2: Hide that clutter
The gold and white storage bins on the top shelf hold things that I don’t need to reach on a daily basis like bathing suits, off-season clothing, and fancy clutches. I used to have them in bags or taking up valuable space in my dresser, so these bins made a huge difference. Plus they’re so chic.

Organized Closet

Organized Closet

Organized Closet

Organized Closet

Organized Closet

Organized Closet

Tip 3: Create more space for folded items
The rotating hanging storage is a life-saver because it can display my favorite sweaters for easy access. In the summer, I’ll swap them out for tank tops!

Organized Closet

Any other tips for closet organization? How do you keep your space clean?

  • Paola Blanc

    I try to organize my closet too and I use a lot of boxes to keep accessories well stored


  • Darcy

    This looks fantastic! I am saving a bunch of my old boxes for when I have a walk in and can display them!!

  • Erin @ The Grass Skirt Blog

    The closet looks so nice! I have been working on mine little by little for the past week. I really want it to be pretty and a fun place to get dressed each morning. I find that organizing by color really helps me.

    The Grass Skirt

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve been slowly getting rid of clothes, accessories, and shoes that I don’t wear/don’t fit in anymore, and I’ve also added cute bins to hold all my purses! I also have a standing rack of baskets for my shoes, which I love. I still need to get rid of more clothes, but it’s slowly moving towards more organized 🙂

  • Elana Lyn Gross

    Your closet looks gorgeous!

  • These are all such great tips! My closet is in dire need of a makeover — you’ve totally inspired me to get to it after work today! 🙂

    Makin’ it with Marissa

  • Nikki

    Fabulous closet + great tips! Love those storage bins!


  • I’m currently spread out between two walk ins and a regular closet = I have GOT to get more organized and I love the hanging shelves idea.

  • We are getting ready to make the big move from a one bedroom to a two bedroom (huge… I know… but really!), which means extra closet! I can’t wait to start cleaning and organizing! Will definitely be using these tips!


  • Miranda Druga

    Amazing closet.. I’m at a loss at how you fit all of that in your Manhattan apartment!! You are a lucky girl to have a walk in to yourself! 🙂