Every year around this time, all of the catalogs, blogs, and store windows start featuring fall clothes. It's always a little depressing and a little exciting. I love fall, but the thought of "winter is coming" kills me! Why I live in New England is a mystery.

Instead of jumping right into plaids and boots, I like to slowly transition by bringing out my jeans and wearing long sleeves in summery colors, even if just for a few more weeks.


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The Importance of Doulas

Throughout our labor and post-partum experience, we've been lucky to enlist the help of two magical women who helped me in ways that I never knew were possible. I honestly don't know how I would have survived labor or the first two nights at home without them. These women were both doulas, serving different roles but with one unified goal: to make my life calmer and easier so that I could be a calmer and happier mama to Amalia.

A Big Sister Announcement

Today I have a fun and perhaps shocking announcement to make! But let me back up a little bit first...

One of the greatest roles I play in my life is big sister. I'm three years older than my sister Lauren, and we couldn't be closer. We talk multiple times a day on either the phone, GChat, Facetime, or all three.