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Hanover 1

A cozy couch corner


As you’ve heard me say many times on this little ole’ blog-o-mine, I’m by no means a city girl. I live in one of the biggest cities in the world but instead of feeling exhilarated by it, I often become exhausted, claustrophobic, and anxious, especially when I don’t leave it for a while. Escaping to New Hampshire once a month is incredibly necessary for my survival in New York.


Luckily my parents, their spouses, my 3 year old brother (and our English Mastiff, Callie!) live there so we have lots of excuses to make the 4 hour drive north. Last weekend was no exception as it was my dad’s birthday, chock full of celebrations. The weekend was so relaxing and fun, and I especially loved having some QT with Jackson, my brother.


Do you ever feel the need to escape everyday life? If so, how do you do it?



Bauble Bar x Nordstrom


This weekend, we drove up to New Hampshire to celebrate my dad’s birthday and enjoy the gorgeous spring weather snow. It was quite nice to relax with my parents, drink good wine, play with my baby brother, and do absolutely nothing.


I’ll be posting a recap of it tomorrow with more photos. For now, I am excited to announce an amazing partnership between Bauble Bar x Nordstrom. My favorite jewelry brand has created a line just for Nordstrom that you can pick up in store or online. I always have a hard time picking outfits when I’m home. I come from a fairly casual town but I love my NYC glam. These earrings from the BBXN collection transition my casually preppy look into a pulled together ensemble.


And obviously I never go out of town without my Vera duffel (said every girl from New England ever).


As fun as my trip was, it was cold and snowy and I’m so ready for this week’s trip to Cancun with CLICK TO CONTINUE READING

How to Throw a Spring Fling

Ok so it’s still freezing here in New York (I know you’re sick of hearing that. I’m sick of saying it) but last weekend, my friend Natalie, an amazing event planner here in the city, brightened up the drab weather by throwing a mid-day spring fling party at her gorgeous Brooklyn home. Let me tell you, it made me feel like I was in another city, a sunnier city.


I asked her if she’d share some of her party-planning special sauce with me for spring fling success. Read on for some serious spring-spiration and to see what I learned! CLICK TO CONTINUE READING

East End


Date Night Outfit


My husband and I have become serious creatures of habit. Although we live in one of the most exciting cities in the world, we tend to stick around our neighborhood for date nights and brunches. A favorite spot in the ‘hood is East End Kitchen and we end up eating here at least once/week.


We keep coming back because it’s casual, comfortable, close-by and has amazing farm-to-table dinner and brunch menus with an equally awesome cocktail list. It’s become comforting to us at this point (shit are we officially an old married couple?).


I love meeting Anel there after work, waiting for him at the bar with a glass of wine and recapping our days over chopped salads and seared ahi tuni (or a burger and fries, let’s be real).


This is a pretty typical date-night look for me as I’m usually meeting him after a day at the office. How CLICK TO CONTINUE READING