Review of The SNOO

I don't think I've ever received more questions about one specific product in all my years of blogging! This magical bassinet has been such a blessing, and I'm beyond grateful to the Happiest Baby team for sending it my way. It was a gift, and I'm doing an honest review of the product that I hope is helpful to new moms.

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Paleo Pumpkin Bread

Last fall my sister sent me a recipe for a paleo pumpkin bread that sounded pretty good, but when we both made it that week, we quickly learned that it was really good, something that's not easy with paleo baked goods. Each of us baked it multiple times last fall, so when she reminded me of it again last week, I got so excited!

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The Pressure of Perfection

I officially wore a coat this weekend. Ok it was a vest, but whatever. It feels like fall. I'm kind of struggling with outfits because my hips are still way too big to fit into most of my jeans and it's getting too cold for dresses. I'm pretty sick of my lululemon leggings, so I needed some inspo stat.