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What don’t I have monogrammed these days? Honestly. My latest and greatest is this ADORABLE chambray blazer with a sweet pink monogrammed lapel.


I love how it’s hidden like my own preppy little secret, unless, of course, I’m poppin’ my collar which I’ve been known to do. If you look closely, you can see that the lining is striped too. So full of surprises!


I’m constantly looking for cute layers for summer nights on beach trips because it gets so cool and the whole sweatshirt look doesn’t always fly depending on where you are. This blazer is perfect to throw over your shoulders with a white dress or to dress up a pair of shorts like I did here.


Per my photos you can tell that I’ve still yet to overcome my newfound iced coffee (with coconut milk!) habit but I swear I’m still trying . . . I’ll start tomorrow. Or maybe next week. Any tips on kicking coffee?



J.Crew one-piece


My body and I are in a love/hate relationship. . . Let me tell you about our journey.





The first brand of designer jeans that I ever bought, back in high school, was made by 7 for all Mankind. I remember the way they looked, felt, and the way they made me feel. Like I owned every room. Like a million bucks. Today, there are so many fabulous designer denim brands that I love but I’ll always have a special place in my heart for 7FAM.


When they reached out to me to do a post together, my inner 16 year old (and current 28 year old) had to pinch herself. Sometimes this whole blogging thing isn’t so bad after all. The hours spent writing posts, styling, and shooting outfits often suck up my weekends and work nights but then an exciting partnership like this comes along and it’s all worth it.


I digress. Let’s get to the point, shall we? CLICK TO CONTINUE READING



Last Friday, I joined C.Wonder, Glossybox and a busload of fashion and beauty bloggers for a day in Southampton for the second year in a row (read about last year’s trip here). We hopped on the Jitney in the morning and made it to Chris Burch’s dreamy CLICK TO CONTINUE READING