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Red Vest


Red Vest



In Manhattan, I always felt a certain amount of anonymity. I could run out to the drug store or Whole Foods with no make up and sweatpants, and no one would look twice. Now that I live outside of the city, I run into people I know or Lemon Stripes followers on the street almost every time I leave the house (I’m pretty sure you all live in Fairfield County). I’m never going to be the girl who gets dressed up to buy apples but I try to put a little bit of effort now that I am more likely to run into someone.


Last Sunday, I ran errands in my favorite red vest and plaid shirt combo. It was comfortable enough for rushing from task to task but cute enough that when I met a young reader, I felt like I actually lived up to being a fashion blogger. . . Kind of.


Red Vest

Red Vest

Red Vest

Red Vest

Quilted Jacket


Growing up in New England, I developed a major addiction to outer-wear. Our coat closet is overflowing every season with my latest obsessions and this fall is no different. I’ve stocked up on puffer vests, fleece shells, structured coats, and most recently, quilted jacket.


I love this leather-trimmed quilted jacket from Land’s End because it’s water-repellent, the perfect weight for brisk fall days (but not TOO warm so that you sweat), and looks chic when belted with skinny jeans and booties.


From now until spring, I try to plan my outfits two ways: With and without outerwear. It’s easy to get all dressed up and forget that you have to put on a coat to stay warm and then it throws off the entire look.


Quilted Jacket

Quilted Jacket

Quilted Jacket

Thank you to Land’s End for sponsoring this post. Photos by Bekka Palmer.




LH 6


Last weekend, I drove up to Rhode Island for a meeting with the Loren Hope executive team. I’m excited to be working with them in a professional capacity, doing marketing consulting for the luxury jewelry line. It’s a brand that I admire and the couple that runs the company is just lovely.


Loren, the creative genius behind our favorite sparkles, and I took these fun photos on a gloomy Saturday afternoon while waiting for a lunch table in Providence. I am obsessed with stacking her crystal bracelets because the look takes any boring old outfit from drab to glam just like that.


I drove up and back in one day in pouring rain so comfort was non-negotiable. I am a freak about leggings in the winter. They’re literally the only piece of clothing I want to wear on my lower half between November and February every year. My friend Hitha recently introduced me to the brand Lyssé which makes leggings that suck everything in. . . Like everything. Fat day? No problem. Bloated? Well now you look like a model! I highly recommend investing in a pair this winter.


LH 4

LH 2

LH 5

LH 8

LH 1

Shop my bracelet stack:


Photos by Loren Barham.




It was a tough weekend in the ‘burbs. On Saturday, I spent the entire day driving up and back to Rhode Island in the rain for a fun project (All the exciting details on that in tomorrow’s post!). I’m up to great things there but it definitely took a toll. On Sunday, I spent the day working and running errands without a moment’s rest. Looking through Instagram, I got major FOMO when I saw all my friends in NYC having the time of their lives on the “most perfect fall day”.


I think it finally hit me for the first time that I really don’t have many friends out there and it motivated me to try to get out there more. Luckily, I have two different girlfriends coming to visit this week and I’m taking my very first trip into the city for work today. I’m kind of excited to go back from whence I came. Never thought I’d say that. . .


Moving on, I’m developing a love for heeled booties. They’re comfortable, the perfect amount of dressy, and give my short legs a little bit of length. When Charming Charlie wanted to team up for a post, I knew that they would have some fabulous jewelry, but didn’t expect them to impress me with a pair of open-toe booties (for under $40!), my new favorite striped tee, and an affordable oversized gold watch from their Tomboy Chic line.


CC1 copy




Thank you to Charming Charlie for sponsoring this post.