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San Francisco

Image via Modern Ambition


On Friday, I’m hopping on a jet plane and getting the eff out of this icy snowy tundra that, for some reason, I’ve decided to call home. My mom and I are having a mother/daughter girl’s weekend just outside of San Francisco.


We’re going to spend a day hiking at Muir Woods (something we’ve both always wanted to do), walking along Stinson Beach, and generally eating good food and spending some QT together.


I plan to live in jeans and cozy tees and sweaters. Lately have been obsessed with Marine Layer for soft t-shirts which is fitting as they started in San Fran. And this neutral knit (also seen here) is not coming off all weekend!


Victoria (my most well-versed NorCal friend!) recommended a few great restaurants including Fish and Barrel House Tavern which we plan to check out but I’d love to hear any recs that you have! Restaurants with a view? Beautiful vistas? We’ll take it? Your favorite green juice joint? Yes, please!


Comment below or on Facebook and I’ll give you a shout out if we end up visiting the place you recommended!


Ginger Jars and Flowers


Compared to the living room (and even my bathroom), our master bedroom is pretty tame. When I designed it with the help of Shelby at The Havenly, I knew that I wanted it to be light, airy, and calming. It’s the perfect space to relax, sleep soundly, and feel completely comfortable and at home.


Because of my lifelong problems with insomnia, having a safe-haven for sleep has always been important to me. In Manhattan, I never got that no matter how hard I tried. It was always loud, always covered in a layer of dust (which I never really realized until I left), and incredibly cramped.


Having a king-sized bed with space to spare is something that I always dreamed about and I feel so happy in this space now. I hope you enjoy the photos. I can’t wait to hear what you think! Scroll all the way down for links to everything that is linkable in this post.


Next up? I’ll show you more of my jewelry collection slash disorganized storage system on top of my dresser. And after that? I’m working with PB Teen to redecorate our guest room. Stay tuned for the final product and follow along on Instagram for live updates.


Bright King-Sized Bed

Light and Bright Bedroom

Mixed Patterns

Pretty Night Stand

Cozy Bedroom Corner

Night Stand Styling

Reading Nook

Man Side Table


Blues and Pinks


All the deets…
Headboard: Custom
Mirror: Z Gallerie
Night Stands: c/o Lamps Plus
Striped Duvet and Shams: Serena & Lily
Sheets: Serena & Lily
Navy Throw Pillow: c/o PB Teen
Ginger jar: Williams Sonoma
Picture Frames: Pottery Barn
Clock: Pottery Barn
Gold Sea Urchin: c/o Lulu & Georgia
Lamps: Pottery Barn
Candle: Diptyque
Hand Cream: Aerin
Gold-rimmed bowl: Isabel Halley
Dresser & White Chair: Ikea
Curtains: c/o PB Teen
Faux Fur Blanket & Pillow: Pottery Barn
Sheepskin Rug: c/o Pottery Barn






Ok you guys. It’s seriously time for me to shape up. Over the last few weeks, because of the arctic temperatures and bone chilling winds, I’ve made excuses about everything. It’s cold, I need to eat more bread. It’s cold, I can’t work out. I did dry January, so of course I can have an extra drink whenever I want in February! You get the picture.


It’s really pathetic especially given this post from last week. But then I realized that we’re going to Tulum in 17 days and I need to get back on track! I feel heavy, lethargic, stuffy, bloated, and just not 100% great, which I know is a function of not taking care of my body in the way that I should.


Last night I made a spread sheet (my favorite activity of all time) for getting in shape before our trip. This is my trick whenever I get in a health and wellness rut. I make the list in a Google doc and then every day I put a check mark next to things when I do them. Some examples are: Morning hot water with lemon, take my vitamins, work out, etc. I only allow myself a few check marks per week for things like alcoholic drinks which I love but make me feel terrible, always.


Buying and wearing my new sporty kicks makes me more motivated for some reason. Or at least that’s what I’m telling my husband as an excuse for buying them.


What are your tricks for staying on track?


New Balance x J.Crew

Errand Running

Casual Look

Weekend Wear

Neon Sneakers

Denim Jacket

Grey Jeans


grey jeans 1


This pair of grey jeans has become a quick go-to in my closet. For someone who likes to take photos of herself in clothes and put them on the internet, I actually don’t have very many pairs of pants. I have a lot of black leggings and a few go-to pairs of jeans, so adding a new pair to the mix makes a big splash.


I wore them first last week paired with an incredibly chic wrap trench, but threw them on again last weekend for brunch and shopping on Greenwich Ave. I love the way they look with black over-the-knee boots (I highly recommend making the investment).


Speaking of grey (I had to use that segue, right?), is anyone planning to see 50 Shades of Grey this weekend?


Grey Jeans 3

Grey Jeans 6

Grey Jeans 2

Grey Jeans 4