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Embroidered 3


I am so sick of all my winter clothes (first world problems, I know). I am way too excited to swap out my sweaters for shorts and sundresses this weekend which is always my first sign of summer being around the corner. I literally want to throw my puffy coat into the trash and never look at it again. Don’t worry, I won’t actually do it but it’s quite tempting.


In the winter, I tend to stick with leggings, boots, and big sweaters every day. It is starting to get awkward. It’s just been way too cold to get more creative than that. After months of winter, I had officially started to give up. White flag is being waved.


In the warmer months, variety comes more naturally and for some reason and this week we’ve turned a corner temperature-wise. I think (finger’s crossed) that we’re on the up and up. Being in Mexico reminded me of fun ways to dress for summer, even if it’s just shorts and a tee.



Statement Skirt


Hola! I’m back from Cancun with a solid tan and a serious need for a detox. I drank one too many margaritas and ate one too many orders of guacamole (it was just so damn good).


The 5 days I spent in Mexico with my friend Bailey were fun, relaxing, and full of laughs and long tequila-enhanced chats on the beach. It was incredibly hot the entire time we were there which made for fun nighttime looks with no need for a scarf or jacket.


Before I left, Calypso St. Barth’s had me in for a visit in their Upper East Side store to pick out a few pieces (Did I mention that I love being a blogger?). I chose an ethereal silk white and navy dress (seen here) and this incredible hot pink statement skirt.


I knew right away that it had to be paired with a crop top. I tried a white version first but the black was far more dramatic. Adding the turquoise necklace was just icing on the cake. This might be one of my favorite outfits of all time. People literally kept staring at me in the hotel and telling me that they loved it. I consider that a fashion win!



Kate Spade Lemons


Approximately 37 people have forwarded me links from Kate Spade’s new line featuring lots-o-lemons (the Kate Spade team even sent me a few pieces!). To answer everyone’s emails: Yes I know it is perfect for me and yes I love it. From wallets, to handbags, to dresses, even sweaters, this lemon pattern is everywhere and I can’t get enough of it.


Even better is that their look book was shot on the Amalfi Coast where Anel and I took our honeymoon CLICK TO CONTINUE READING



Hanover 1

A cozy couch corner


As you’ve heard me say many times on this little ole’ blog-o-mine, I’m by no means a city girl. I live in one of the biggest cities in the world but instead of feeling exhilarated by it, I often become exhausted, claustrophobic, and anxious, especially when I don’t leave it for a while. Escaping to New Hampshire once a month is incredibly necessary for my survival in New York.


Luckily my parents, their spouses, my 3 year old brother (and our English Mastiff, Callie!) live there so we have lots of excuses to make the 4 hour drive north. Last weekend was no exception as it was my dad’s birthday, chock full of celebrations. The weekend was so relaxing and fun, and I especially loved having some QT with Jackson, my brother.


Do you ever feel the need to escape everyday life? If so, how do you do it?