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Mint Tulle


Twirl 2


When I was a little girl, I refused to wear pants. It was all ballerina skirts and pink dresses for a good 3 years (according to my mother and many photos). I’ve come around to pants over the years but it still feels good to dress up like a princess and twirl around on the street.


People tell me I look like Carrie Bradshaw all the time (pretty sure it’s the nose) so obviously we had to take a shot on the street with this fabulous tulle skirt from behind. Luckily there were no puddles . . .

Twirl 1

Twirl 3

Twirl 6

Twirl 4

photo 3 (1)

When I first started my blog (4 years ago next month!), I used to post a series called “This Weekend in Photos” every Monday. It was my favorite series but as the blog grew (and changed it’s name from Lemons & Loafers to Lemon Stripes), I started focusing more and more on posts with professional photography. This weekend I felt inspired to reinstate this series but it will only stick around if you guys like it so let me know!


I had a tough week of sorts because I had to cancel my weekend in L.A. to visit my mom and grandma at the last minute because of work commitments. I was devastated when I realized that I couldn’t go but made the executive decision to stop being bummed and make the most of a free weekend in the city. I did just that. Here are some of the highlights from the last few days. I hope you enjoy it!


12:00pm Friday: Make a last minute decision to go to a Yankees game with my sister tonight. Yay so excited for fun plans! It will be just like when we were kids. . . but drunker.


7:00pm Friday: Sweating balls on the 4 train up to the Bronx. When we get to Yankee stadium, the commute was all worth it. I mean look at that sunset!
photo 2


7:15pm Friday: Some guy just paid me $60 for the hat off my head. It never quite fit right anyway. Turned around and bought two new ones for me and my sister for $30 each. Score!
photo 1



Jumpsuit 3


This week has been a bit of a tough one for me personally. I’ve been struggling with some inner demons (wow that sounded SUPER dramatic) and have come out after the hump of the week with a positive outlook. Part of that is a fake it till ya make it attitude which is achievable with my “always looks good” lipstick and throwing on a fun and flattering jumpsuit (under $50).


The more important part of overcoming inner anxieties for me is how I handle myself in the thick of it and afterwards.


After an stressful day, there are 2 ways that I can let go of that high-anxiety, shaky, nervous feeling:


1. Have a glass of wine and watch mindless TV, or


2. Lace up and sweat it out by going for a nice long sweaty, humid run which is secretly my favorite kind. Something about the detoxification of it all!


This week I practiced both of these options and they both work wonderfully well although the latter makes me feel a whole lot better in the long run.


How do you get over a stressful day?


Side note about these photos: My boss, a colleague, and one of the investors in my company happened to drive by me taking them on the Upper East Side one night. How mortifying!! Had to laugh at myself about that one though. CLICK TO CONTINUE READING





Last week I promised to focus more on repurposing clothing that’s already in your closet and I’m sticking to it! I’ll start by styling my pants du jour two ways.


This summer, I’ve been married to comfort. The city is hot and sweaty, I’m constantly driving to Westchester and Brooklyn for work (My company, Nourish Snacks, currently has two offices), and hopping around the city for events. Luckily, because I work for a start up, my office culture is very forgiving on dressing casually.


These pants have been on rotation more than once/week over the last few months. It might start to get awkward soon but I’m hoping no one notices. There are so many ways to wear them, they always look good, and I am seriously comfortable every damn time. I styled them two ways for today’s post but plan to see more of these babies in the near future.



For the first look, I went for weekend casual: An easy tee, a lightweight bag, and flats. Bing, bang, bongo. So easy to put together and it looks quite stylish if I do say so myself. Shout outs to Jess and Hallie for letting me borrow their clutch and shirt respectively.


For look number two, I am demonstrating what I like to call start up chic in my favorite Everlane tank (for only $20 it’s the best purchase you will make all summer), big gold jewelry, and my handy dandy backpack that I tote around to meetings all over the city!