plaid wrapping paper
I love Christmas. Like I really love Christmas. Obviously if you read my blog you have heard me blubbering on about my obsession with wrapping gifts (see last year’s theme above!), baking Christmas cookies, and spending time with my family in New England.


On the other hand, I always start to feel a nostalgic around this time of year. Although I know that my parents getting divorced (8 years ago) was definitely for the best for both of them, remembering Christmases past remind me of the family unit that we will never have again. It reminds me of my grandparents and relatives that are no longer with us and used to be such a big part of the holiday.


Sometimes a certain Christmas song will start playing and I’ll tear up remembering them and the good times we shared. I feel so lucky to have had such a wonderful childhood with a wonderful family.


The only thing that is certain in the world is change and I hope to create incredible memories for my husband and future family unit that they will cherish forever.


Sorry to be a downer, but felt like I needed to share that today! In other news, if you want a laugh, check out the epic Christmas dresses that my sister and I wore circa ’91 below. Supes cute, right? (She is going to kill me). Thank God for orthodonture!





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