My Weekend in Photographs

I’m writing this post on Sunday night, sitting at our oversized dinner table in Martha’s Vineyard, listening to the crickets outside, and reliving the last two days. They were spent laughing in the sand with my family and Anel, wearing many variations of this outfit running along the ocean, eating enough grilled fish, tomatoes, and corn to feed a small country…and drinking enough wine to wash it down. It was a perfect mellow summer weekend. Here it is, in photos!

{Jackson rockin’ his super-fashionable lobster beach hat and some over-sized shades}

{This photo pretty much sums up the last two days}

{Callie, our family’s English Mastiff, lazing on the porch}

{A bottle of Chateau Margaux from my birth year}

{You can’t go to Martha’s Vineyard without your boat shoes. They’re a staple!}

{My dad will only answer to “grill sergeant” during a barbecue}

{Fresh heirloom tomatoes}

{And one last shot of Jackson laughing on the beach- I couldn’t resist. Check out that dimple!}