My 2021 Gift Guide

2021 Gift Guide

My 2021 holiday gift guide page is live and full of hundreds of incredible gift options for everyone on your list! I love/hate putting this together every year and spent the better part of the last few weeks working on it. I have (and love) many of the gifts on here and am coveting a bunch of the others, and I hope that it helps you out with all of your gift-buying this year.


  • I noted in the description of the gift if the product/brand is female or BIPOC-female-owned, or if it’s a small business if that is a part of your gift-giving decision which I hope it is!
  • The three large gifts at the top are my top three gifts of the season. I’ll change these out if they sell out or if I come up with something even better.
  • On my gift guide page, I plan to add more sections in the coming weeks such as books to gift and kids’ stocking stuffers over the next few weeks but let me know if there is anything else you want to see there. I’m open to all ideas.
  • I’ll also be posting more detailed gift guide blog posts each week with more details about each gift here! In the meantime, peruse the guide and I hope it gives you some great ideas for holiday gifting this year.


As you can see it’s sectioned off by gift type. I put my top three gifts for each section in the big squares with descriptions and a price below each one. Under that is a curated scrolling list of more gifts for that section. I spent hours and hours picking each and every single one so don’t skip those scrolling lists. There is gold in there!

Happy holiday shopping, my friends.

Note: It reads a lot better on desktop than mobile.