Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Tulips

For this year’s Valentine’s Day post, I just could not bring myself to go outside and take photos. Last year, there was a abnormally warm day in February so I could take photos of my very pink dress outside. It was literally 18 degrees yesterday and I had to share this dress with you. So we did a photo shoot inside which I was skeptical about, but at least I got to show you my current flower/candy situation! The light was actually pretty and you can see how gorgeous this dress is.

This Maggy London ombré floral dress could not be more perfect for the holiday, but I highly suggest pairing it with a sweater or blazer next weekend if you live in the Northeast. Brr. Just Brr.

On Saturday, Anel and I plan to spend the day together, either hitting up our favorite places in the city or just lounging at home with dinner at our new favorite restaurant in Westport. I’ll probably eat way too many of these heart-shaped cherry gummies from Whole Foods that I’m aggressively addicted too.

What’s your VDay plan?


Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day Dress

Heart Candies

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