Winter Closet Staples

I know it's a bit late in the season for this but I wanted to share my closet staples for winter that have lasted year after year. Pieces that I reach for over and over, day after day, every winter.

My favorite cashmere sweater: I have it in hot pink and black and love the cropped fit of it with high-waist jeans.

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My February Break Edit

This weekend Amalia and I are heading to Florida for a little girls trip with one of my friends and her daughters. Everything I ordered for the trip was for hot weather but it looks like it might be slightly cooler than we expected. But I still just had to share some of the pieces I bought because they're just so fun and colorful!

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Miraval Berkshires

This fall my sister and I visited Miraval Berkshires for the first time and had a beautiful, relaxing, and inspiring weekend. I knew the second we set foot on the property that I would be back again, and I was lucky enough to be invited back by the Miraval team for a visit with Anel and some of our friends.

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Feb New Arrivals in the Lemon Stripes Market

There are lots of great new arrivals in the Lemon Stripes Market this month so I wanted to highlight a few of my faovirtes.

1. Mindful Affirmation Cards: A weekly dose of affirmations that boost self-love, self-care, and mindfulness. Harness the power of positive thinking to overcome self-doubts and insecurities. Every week, choose a new Affirmation card and place it on the stand in a spot you will see it often (such as your desk).

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