When Do You Become an Adult?

Technically, we become adults at 18, but lol to that. Most of us were still in high school at that age. Babies! At 21 we can drink but blacking out at a rooftop bar with 50 of your closest friends on your birthday (theoretically, of course) doesn't exactly scream adulthood. Our brains fully develop at 25, but at that age, I still felt like a kid in many ways.

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6 Months with Luca

How it's been half a year with our tiny man is beyond me but here we are, six months later. Madly in love. So complete.  This baby is a gem of a human. He's so happy and smiley and chill. And a very different personality from his sister already. Not that she wasn't happy, he's just not quite as high maintenance as she was at this age :) Maybe it's a boy vs girl thing or a first vs second kid thing but he is no drama and I'm here for that.

Thanksgiving Dresses

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. My extended family has a tradition of a full day of eating with many courses, including lasagne. This year we are hosting my mom, sister, brother-in-law, niece, and my in-laws which feels like a very adult thing to do! My sister and I have been talking, as sisters do, about what we're going to wear for the occasion and I boiled it down to one of these four dresses.


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Best Sellers This Week

Button-front fleece, $45: Grace has recommended this fleece time and again so I finally gave in and bought it. Now I understand why she's so in love with it! It's super soft and fleecy on the inside but a cotton (Patagonia-like) material on the outside. It's not too heavy, is long to cover the butt, and is a slimmer fit so looks flattering.