Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

I went hard and fast on gift guides this year (if you couldn't tell) and got a little stuck for a minute but am back today with a list of gifts for the person who has everything! From a fair trade coffee subscription to a personal pizza grill to the prettiest decanter you ever did see, this guide will not disappoint.


Gifts $25 and Under

I hope you had a restful and family-filled holiday! I had one of those... I'll let you guess which one :)

This gift guide includes so many great gifts at great price points, but I decided not to list the prices below because they're changing so rapidly this week. I can't keep up with these sales.


An Experiment in Sobriety

This post has taken me forever to write. I am still processing a fairly big (for me) life change, so here is my first attempt at sharing my story. More to come!

I've had a long and kind of weird relationship with alcohol (which is 100% tied to my anxiety and self-medicating). Or so I thought.

30 Gifts for (Younger) Kids

Kid gifts are my favorite to shop for because you know they're going to bring so much joy to the kiddos in your life!

When I tell you this gift guide almost killed me... I spent hours on it and am so happy with the results. As you know, it's cyber week so almost everything is on sale (even if I didn't mark it below).