Stocking Stuffers for Little Kids

Stocking Stuffers

Yesterday I finished shopping for Amalia’s stocking and feel quite good about how Santa did this year. Every Christmas, she gets one gift from Santa, one gift from me and Anel, and a stocking full of little treats. We try to keep the number of gifts she gets to a minimum since family and friends are also gifting to her.

I always like to throw in things she needs (but also likes) such as toothpaste and socks, things for bathtime like bath bombs and bath crayons, and small toys like a Dimpl and a little sensory kit.

Last year we threw in a Brain Quest (my sister and I used to love these!) so we got the next year up this year as well as a workbook from the Ada Twist line, her favorite collection of books.

Dimpl, $26.95: All the kids are obsessed with these. I don’t get it but they’re good for car rides!

Slinky, $9.97: Amalia played with a slinky at a friend’s house and was shockingly into it.

Mismatched Socks, $9.99: I mean, how cute are they?

Hello Unicorn Sparkle Toothpaste, $3.99: This is her favorite toothpaste. Not sure what else to say on that.

Kids Book of Questions, $8.99: I ordered this but haven’t actually seen it yet. Looks cute.

Watercolor Paint Pods, $11.99: Amalia has been doing a lot of watercolor at school and asked for a set at home. Santa will come through!

Sohp Shop Surprise Suds, $11: These sweet soaps have little toys inside when you use them up. They encourage kids to wash their hands with a reward.

Gel Crayons, $19: These are the most satisfying to draw with. Who will like them more, her or me?

Brain Quest, $12.95: We love these for car trips or waiting for a meal at a restaurant.

Aquabead Set, $14.99: Amalia loves aquabeads. This set will keep her occupied for hours!

Ada Twist Science Project Book, $11: We are big Ada Twist fans, and she loves doing “science projects” so we’re hoping she’s into this.

Unicorn Hair Brush, $8.99: Living out my childhood unicorn sparkle brush fantasies with this one.

Bathtub Crayons, $14 $10: She got a set last year but used them all up, and has been asking for more ever since.

Bath Bombs, $10: The girl is the world’s biggest bath bomb fan. I couldn’t not put them in!

Playdough Sensory Jar, $9: She loves the Young Wild and Friedman sets and this is a smaller, more travel-friendly version.