Mean Baby & Halftime

Mean Baby Selma Blair

This post is random and disjointed (also how I’m feeling these days) but I finished a great book and a great documentary this week featuring two strong, incredible women and wanted to share them with you guys.

Mean Baby by Selma BlairI never thought much about Selma Blair but after reading her book she and her story will live rent-free in my mind forever. While her acting might never have amounted to starring roles, she is definitely a star writer in her memoir, Mean Baby.

When I tell you I couldn’t put this book down, you guys!  I was inspired to read it based on this post from Carly and I 100% agree with her 5/5 rating.

It is by far the best celebrity memoir I’ve ever read and also the best memoir I’ve read period. Selma is an insanely good writer and has a pretty unbelievable story to tell. She shares everything from her battles with alcoholism to her traumatic childhood to the MS diagnosis that changed her life.

She acknowledges her great privileges in life and discusses the very hard times without complaining. It made me want to hug her with every turn of the page.

Read this book immediately and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Halftime (Netflix): Like my feelings towards Selma, I was never really a huge J.Lo fan. Sure, I love her music and she crushed in Hustlers, but she’s never been someone that I really looked up to or thought too much about.

Now? Forget it! I have so much respect for this woman who has worked so hard to get where she is and cares deeply about her career, her family, and her politics. She has been labeled as a “diva” when really she has been standing up for herself and her beliefs for years.

I walked away from her documentary loving and respecting her more than ever.