Three Acai Bowl Recipes

Last week on my Instagram stories, I shared how I make açaí bowls, and never have I ever had more requests for a blog post! Apparently you guys are fans, so I’m sharing my three go-to recipes. I make these quite often for breakfast or an afternoon snack. It should be noted that most açaí bowls are packed with added sugar from the smoothie packets often used, so I opt for the pure, sugar-free açaí blend, made from just the one ingredient! I add bananas and berries, so there is naturally occurring sugar in all three recipes, but I also make sure to pack in protein, omega-3s and other nutrients.

All of my bowls follow this general recipe

But feel free to get creative with it!

-1 unsweetened açaí packet- I use unsweetened so you don’t pack in 20+ extra grams of sugar. I buy them at Whole Foods, but they’re available at most grocery stores in the frozen section these days.
-1 scoop of grass-fed collagen peptides (or other unflavored protein powder)- The protein powder keeps me fuller for longer, I like this one because it’s unflavored and so so good for you.
-1 tablespoon of nut butter- Depending on the direction of the bowl, you can use any nut butter here. Coconut butter would work too!
-1 frozen banana- This is where most of the sugar comes from, but I like it for creaminess and sweetness. Other ideas are welcome.
-Ingredient for flavor (spinach, berries, cherries, etc)- This could really be anything and the amount depends on your taste.
-1/2 cup milk of your choice- I usually opt for coconut or cashew milk, but really anything works.

For all three bowls, mix the “base ingredients” in a blender until smooth and pour the mix into a bowl. The sky is the limit when it comes to toppings, so go buck wild or check out my suggestions below.

Berry Blast Bowl

This is probably the bowl I make most often. I like it for breakfast, and am constantly changing up topping depending on what I have in my cabinets and fridge.

Base ingredients:
1 unsweetened açaí packet
1 scoop of collagen peptides
1 tablespoon of almond butter
1 frozen banana
Small handful of frozen mixed berries
1/2 cup milk of your choice

Topping ingredients:
Mixed berries
Pomegranate seeds
Chopped almonds and/or pistachios
Drizzle of almond butter


PB&J Bowl

I love making this bowl for an afternoon snack or even post-dinner dessert. It feels extra indulgent like ice cream (kind of), but is high in protein and has zero added sugar.

Base ingredients:
1 unsweetened açaí packet
1 scoop of collagen peptides
1 tablespoon of peanut butter
1 frozen banana
3-4 frozen cherries
1/2 cup milk of your choice

Topping ingredients:
Chopped peanuts
Chia seeds
Sliced strawberries
Sliced bananas
Drizzle of peanut butter


Clean Green Bowl

I love the green bowl because it’s an easy way to get your raw greens in first thing. You can put in a ton of fresh spinach and hardly taste it, so why not? I often skip the acai part of this and add frozen coconut meat or something else to replace it.

Base ingredients:
1 unsweetened açaí packet
1 scoop of collagen peptides
1 tablespoon of almond or cashew butter
1 frozen banana
Large handful, baby spinach leaves
1/2 cup milk of your choice

Topping ingredients: 
Chia seeds
Coconut flakes
Drizzle of raw honey


I’d love to hear your açaí bowl recipes and favorite toppings!

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  • Elizabeth Oliveto

    Why do all of these look so delicious?! Seriously craving one now!
    Xo, Elizabeth

  • Julia

    Thank you so much for these recipes! I have always wanted to try and make my own bowls, but was a littler nervous. I can’t wait to try these.

    • Don’t be nervous, they’re SO easy and so so delicious. I hope you enjoy!

  • deb

    Hi, quick question. Is it the collagen that makes these bowl so thick, or is it the acai? Thanks!

    • Don’t be nervous, they’re SO easy and So delicious!!

    • Agreed! You don’t need the collagen but it adds another layer of thickness.

  • Trader Joe’s now sells Unsweetened Organic Acai Packets for maybe $5. They’re perfect for bowls and smoothies, highly recommend!


    • No way! That’s great to know. I hadn’t seen them at my TJ’s but will keep an eye out now. Thanks!

  • Melissa

    beautiful pictures!

  • graceatwood

    YUM! These look so good.

  • Yum!! This is the perfect summer breakfast / snack now that it’s warming up. This meal reminds me of the bowl I used to get at Jamba Juice. Not sure if you have this juice chain on the East Coast..Thanks for sharing!

    Cassandra Ann

  • montessoriishmom.c

    These look so perfect for the warm weather we’re having, I think I’ll try the green one first!

  • Danielle Weisberg

    Thank you for posting! Your bowls are so pretty!

    Acai bowls are so yummy, especially in the summer when it’s hot out!

    When I make green bowls, I add matcha powder for added health benefits.

    I’m a big fan of chocolate and peanut butter so this is the recipe I make when I need to satisfy a craving:

    “Un-Chunky Monkey”

    – 1 unsweetened acai packet (I buy them from Fresh Direct and Trader Joe’s)
    – 1/2 frozen banana
    – 1 TBS raw cacao powder
    – 1 TBS Lite Desiger Whey protein (chocolate)
    – 1 TBS ground flaxseed meal
    – 1/2 Cup unsweetened almond milk
    – Crushed ice (if needed, to thicken/chill)

    – Light drizzle of natural, unsalted peanut butter
    – 1TBS unsweetened shredded coconut flakes
    – 1 TBS unsalted peanuts
    – 1 TBS raw cacao nibs
    – 1/2 banana, sliced
    – 3/4 Cup mixed berries (whatever is in

    • This looks amazing! I can’t eat whey (allergy) but will substitute that and try this. Literally my mouth is watering just reading the recipe 🙂

  • peonies passionfruit

    Thanks for sharing your Acai bowl recipes, I enjoy a nice acai bowl especially now that we are heading into spring / summer.
    Eme x

  • Brittany Van Den Brink

    Thanks for these ideas. I love acai bowls but seem to get stuck making the same one day after day. I don’t love too much banana so I find that avocado works great for creaminess as well!

    • Love that idea! I’m going to try that this weekend. Thank you!