Flawless in 5 Minutes- My New Makeup Routine

I have never really known how to do my makeup like a pro. I don’t know how to contour. I never wear eyeshadow. And lipstick is not a priority for me. I’m more of a concealer, mascara, and go kinda gal. I’ve had a variation on the same makeup routine for probably 10 years because I’m a creature of habit and have no idea what else to do!

But Beautycounter challenged me to change things up with their Flawless in Five makeup set that includes six safer, cleaner beauty products that help you create an effortless makeup look in five minutes. I was SO excited when they reached out because, as I’ve said many times, I’m focusing more on what ingredients are used in everything from my clothing to my beauty products not just for my own wellbeing, but for the wellbeing of the planet. This partnership couldn’t have come at a better time.

Beautycounter’s mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone and they’re really dedicated to that mission. They believe in a future where all beauty is clean beauty, which I just love. They do this by creating cleaner and safer products for the whole family, educating people on questionable and harmful ingredients to avoid and advocating for more health-protective laws for the personal care industry. They are really hitting the industry from all angles and making a difference out there in a way that I’ve never seen a beauty brand do before.

I’ve actually never found makeup products free from questionable ingredients that actually work, but these do! I love the whole set (which sells for $150) but my favorite products are the foundation and the lip gloss. I actually pulled out the lip gloss (in Peony) on my Nantucket trip last week and my friend Kaki had the same one (in Dahlia) and we shared our love for the subtle colors and non-sticky texture.

When we were taking photos of all the steps, Julia Dags asked me how I picked my shades online without seeing them in person but the process made it really easy. You answer questions about your skin tone and they send products based on that. They were spot on!

Now I just need to learn how to do my own hair…

Product review of the Beautycounter’s Flawless in Five:

Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation in Golden: I loved how smooth it went on and how well it covered my skin without being greasy or heavy. When you look at my before and after photos below, you can really tell the difference in my skin tone.

Touchup Skin Concealer Pen in Light: This concealer went on well and covered my under-eye bags (I was coming down with a cold when we took these photos) perfectly.

Satin Powder Blush in Date: I was shocked about how much came off on the brush so just be careful when you first apply this blush! But once I figured out the ratio, the color was really pretty.

Lip Gloss in Peony: The texture is smooth and not sticky. The color is subtle and the perfect shade for my skin. That said, I popped into the Beautycounter store in Nantucket and bought it in Azalea too (pictured above) because I like that it gives a little more color.

Color Define Brow Pencil in Light: The color on this felt a little off, but that is the only product that wasn’t the perfect color. I think because my eyebrows are much darker than my (colored) hair, I should have gotten a darker color and it would have been perfect.

Volumizing Mascara in Black: I have virtually no eyelashes so I liked that I could choose between lengthening and volumizing.

Have any of you tried Beautycounter’s makeup line? If so, what are your favorite products? Now I want to try more of them!

Beautycounter Flawless in 5

Thank you to Beautycounter for sponsoring this post. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own. Photos by Julia Dags.


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  1. Marielle said:

    Would have been great to see a step by step 🙂

    6.11.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      I just did it on my Instagram stories. Go check it out!

      6.11.19 · Reply
  2. Christine Matusek said:

    Get yourself the cleansing balm asap!!

    6.11.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      On it!

      6.11.19 · Reply
  3. Leslie said:

    Hi, Julia! Where can we find the pendant necklace and the dress that you are wearing? Love your blog, by the way.

    6.11.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Oops I should have linked it! My dress is Persifor (http://bit.ly/2V5xlhz) and my pendant necklace is ASHA.

      6.11.19 · Reply
  4. Elisabeth said:

    I have been using the products for the last two years and love them. I even got my husband the counterman products. The cleansing balm is one of my favorites for the summer and their body lotion is so nice for the warmer weather. I haven’t tried a product I didn’t like!!

    6.11.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      I need to try these for Anel. I didn’t even realize they made men’s products! He really doesnt’ like chemical-y face products so this is perfect for him.

      6.11.19 · Reply
  5. Megan said:

    I’m a little disappointed to see so many bloggers doing partnerships with Beautycounter. While I’m sure the products are great, they are an MLM, which are predatory businesses that take advantage of women and make pie in the sky promises that are rarely realized. (Sidenote, I know you can buy the products directly from the company, but there is a big MLM component to their business, which is what I’m focusing on.)

    Consultants have to pay upfront for an enrollment kit, pay an annual fee to remain a consultant, and have quotas to meet. MLMs also encourage women to spam their friends and family on social media and via text to drum up business, which can end up hurting their relationships and isolating the person involved in the MLM.

    I encourage you to look into MLM practices, as you did with fast fashion. I think you’ll be surprised at what you find.

    6.11.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Send me any information you have and I’m happy to read up on it. I have 2 friends who are consultants for BC, though, and have both had really positive long-term experiences so (although I don’t know for sure) maybe BC sets things up differently?

      6.11.19 · Reply
    • B said:

      In my opinion a job in sales is one of the most effective methods of fostering “awesome employee” traits. I prefer buying products I was going to purchase anyways from MLMs. I like providing financial and morale support to (usually) young women who are getting real world experience while expanding their skillset, learning about risk/reward and diversifying their income. I plan to encourage my daughter to pursue a commission based sales job when she is older.

      6.12.19 · Reply
  6. Jessie said:

    I’m a new consultant and would love for you to check out my instagram! I just re-posted your story (and tagged you). I’m so happy you’re loving the Flawless in Five! There are just so many great products…for makeup, make sure to try a lip sheer, maybe Lily, and get yourself the Brilliant Brow Gel ASAP. It’s so so good! For skincare, definitely Cleansing Balm! Also Overnight Reaurfacing Peel…its nickname is “the magic eraser”…need I say more?!


    6.11.19 · Reply
  7. Kendall said:

    What is that dress?!

    6.12.19 · Reply