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Lemon Stripes with Boots

Custom Sofa (With performance fabric)

When we started decorating the new house, the first person I looked to was Roxy, my friend and the founder of Society Social, a design company that allows you to create totally custom pieces at realistic prices. Last year, I asked her if she could make me a blue and white striped chair and voila, she created a masterpiece. It lives in my office now and is my favorite piece of furniture in the entire house, hands down.

She has also made us two sofas, a bar cart, an entry table and countless throw pillows! To say that I’m obsessed would be an understatement. Not only do I love the final product every time, but because everything is completely customized, I know I probably won’t see the same pieces in someone else’s home. For anyone with a dog or kids, the performance fabric she uses on sofas and chairs is life changing. Literally you can spill red wine on this white couch and wipe it right off. Zero exaggeration.

I went to the city to hang with Roxy at her studio a few weeks ago and she told me some cool facts about her company that we thought would be fun to share:

  • The furniture is designed by Roxy and the SS team. She doesn’t buy the pieces from someone else. She actually does it herself which is so effing cool.
  • It’s all made in North Carolina just for you at their family-owned factory.
  • The custom, designer style pieces have non-designer prices. I’ve never found anything quite like it…
  • They have hundreds of fabric options on the website but also lots more in the showroom if you ever want to visit (73 Spring Street in NYC)
  • Free design consultations with Roxy are available at said showroom too (she’s so talented!)
  • Take 15% off everything at Society Social with code SSXLEMONSTRIPES through 5/17

Check out some photos of some of my favorite SS pieces in my home. I want to be super clear that this post is not sponsored. I’m just a huge huge fan!

Roses and Rosé

Bar Cart (If you see one that is sold out, it should be back in August)

Custom Society Social striped chair

Custom Striped Chair

Society Social Sofa

Revealing this full room next week…stay tuned!

LS Living Room 13

Custom Entry Table

LS Living Room 10

Custom Sofa / Palm Pillows


Trellis Pillow / Striped Pillow

LS Living Room 5

Society Social Custom Sofa

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  1. it looks amazing and that bar cart is adorable!

    5.10.16 · Reply