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Our living room is taking a while to come together which I’m finally ok with. Buying a house has taught me some serious patience skills For about two months, the room was completely empty which made a big portion of our house feel cold and a little creepy. As furniture and décor items have finally started to trickle in, it starts to feel a little more complete each week. We recently installed sleek navy and white drapes and for the first time, I wanted to spend time in this space. There’s something about accents like curtains and throw pillows that make a room feel complete to me.

That is why I’m so excited that Loom Decor has offered to give away a $400 gift card to one of you lucky folks who is looking for a designer look in your home with an off-the-shelf budget. With your gift card, you can buy anything on their site from custom window treatments to bedding to throw pillows (see my pillow picks below) in hundreds of gorgeous designer fabrics.

The drapes that Shelby picked for this room are nautically chic which was what we were going for with the space. I love that the top half still lets in a decent amount of light (we opted for a non blackout version for this room) but gives privacy if we need it. The navy color blocking at the bottom anchors the look and makes them feel more substantial and designed. I can’t wait to show you the full room soon! Sorry it’s such a small peek.

Enter to win a $400 gift card to Loom Decor here. Comment below with your favorite pieces from their site for extra entries!


Throw Pillows

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway here!


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  1. Elisabeth said:

    Wow this is amazing! I love the SIMPLE DUVET COVER, in etch a sketch – silver. They have such lovely things and I’m moving in with my boyfriend in June. We could use a lot of new pieces!

    3.9.16 · Reply
  2. sarah.gouin said:

    I think your house is coming along well – and at a great pace! In our house my husband totally gutted each room so for years no one used the family room. Now that it’s been renovated it’s become our fav. room – my son renamed it “the lounge”. Each time you finish a room it’s such a great feeling.
    P.S. keep us updated on your adorable little pup!

    3.9.16 · Reply
  3. Everything about your house is so beautiful! Especially love that side table 🙂 From Loom, I’m partial to their window treatments because I have really ugly curtains for my unusually large windows (yay natural light, boo odd sizing) and the printed pillows to spruce up my white couch!

    3.9.16 · Reply
  4. Millie Calhoun said:

    How gorgeous!! I would definitely go with a new duvet cover as ours has been ruined with muddy paw prints!!

    3.9.16 · Reply
  5. Michele said:

    I love the way these different areas of your home are coming along. My husband and I, along with our two boys, will be moving soon and I could use some bright touches! Love the suzani q simple duvet cover. And honestly, so many of the throw pillows – greens and blues. Really like the sea scallop in blue and I will need a pillow refresh for sure. The bindi honeysuckle may need to find it’s way into my home!

    3.9.16 · Reply
  6. paigecorbin said:

    I love the blue and white pillows!

    3.9.16 · Reply
  7. Kate jorens said:

    Love the drapes. Loom has a great selection of pillows!

    3.9.16 · Reply
  8. love the Calais Chalk and Etch A Sketch Silver drapes!

    3.9.16 · Reply
  9. Casey Carter Ojdana said:
    3.9.16 · Reply
  10. caseyculture said:

    This is such a lovely brand. Thanks for introducing us to it!

    My favorite pillows are: http://www.loomdecor.com/woven… AND http://www.loomdecor.com/blue-

    My favorite duvet is: http://www.loomdecor.com/block-print-gray-scallop-duvet-cover-vm13

    3.9.16 · Reply
  11. Jacqueline Festa Collins said:

    Thanks for offering this giveaway from Loom. I love the pillow and drapes. The fabrics look amazing!

    3.9.16 · Reply
  12. Natalie R said:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I sold all of my furniture before moving across the country, so I’m crossing my fingers to win! I love all of the pillows, but especially the throw pillow in Mandha – Sea!

    3.9.16 · Reply
  13. Jamie said:

    we just bought a house and are in desperate need of EVERYTHING, haha. I love the linen duvet covers to brighten up a dull room.

    3.9.16 · Reply
  14. Wendy said:

    love the grommet drapes in spot on cinder!

    3.9.16 · Reply
  15. Robin said:

    I love the “band stand” bedding in oyster! it looks like something my husband and i might actually agree on!

    3.9.16 · Reply
  16. Lindsay H. said:

    love the tailored duvet cover in the classic linen.

    3.9.16 · Reply
  17. Emily Rabbitt said:

    I love that they have roman shades!! So hard to find good ones.

    3.9.16 · Reply
  18. Megan said:

    Love, Love, Love the palm print pillow!!!

    3.9.16 · Reply
  19. Erin said:

    I love the malachite pillow! ANd the black tick tock!

    3.9.16 · Reply
  20. Amelia said:

    Omg! All those pillows – so gorgeous and so comfy! 🙂

    3.10.16 · Reply
  21. Danielle said:

    Their linen flat roman shades are lovely — and I’m impressed by the variety of colors and patterns.

    3.10.16 · Reply
  22. Elyse G. said:

    Your home is gorgeous! I love LD’s convertible drapery in navy velvet. *fingers crossed*

    3.10.16 · Reply
  23. Rebecca B said:

    I’d like to enter the giveaway but, for some reason, I can’t get any of the entry form links to load.

    3.11.16 · Reply
  24. Sarah E. said:

    I love all of their throw pillows! They would be a great way to freshen up our den.

    3.11.16 · Reply
  25. Mary Deckert said:

    Your room looks beautiful ~ very fresh and inviting. I’ve been looking for great pillows but didn’t know about Loom Décor ~ beautiful fabrics!

    3.11.16 · Reply
  26. Margaret said:

    I DESPERATELY need new throw pillows. we just moved into a beautiful modern apartment but all of my furniture is fairly traditional. i think great throw pillows can really tie it all together and I love the ones from loom!

    3.11.16 · Reply
  27. Fariha R said:

    I love the throw pillows! I could really use a refresh on mine

    3.11.16 · Reply
  28. manda said:

    I love the patio pillows.

    3.12.16 · Reply
  29. AnnaZed said:

    The need for new pillows and a new look for my living room may have reached a critical point. It’s just grim. I would buy the EURO PLEAT DRAPERY | in cheery blossom – flamingo and three MICROCORD THROW PILLOWs | in cheery blossom – flamingo too (seriously, I would things are that drab around here). Yes, I realize that $400 wouldn’t cover that, but it would take me most of the way there.
    {in the contest I am Margot C___ on the automated entry form}

    3.14.16 · Reply