Black Lace + Giveaway


c/o Ivy and Blu dress, Zara pumps, c/o Kira Kira clutch and earrings, H&M blazer, Lemon Stripes bracelet, J.Crew headband, Ray Ban Aviators

Happy Monday, everyone! I want to start off by saying thank you to all of you for your kind and thoughtful comments on Friday’s post about the difficulties I’m having as a new entrepreneur. Your words have stuck with me all weekend and re-inspired me this week.

Today my post is on a lighter and happier note. Two very exciting things are happening today:

1. You can win this dress that I’m wearing OR any dress of your choice from Ivy & Blu. Hello? Perfect timing for a new fall look! There are a ton of great choices, so check out their site and comment below with your favorite. I’ll pick a random winner on Wednesday at 5pm. See below for other chances to enter the giveaway.

2. Do you love love love my black pony hair clutch as much as I do? Well the amazing and lovely women of Kira Kira are giving Lemon Stripes readers 40% off of any of their Pembroke clutches with the code LEMONSTRIPES at check out. This only lasts until the end of the month so hurry up and snag yours today!

Kardashian Style:
3. I kind of felt like Kim Kardashian in this dress. It hugged my curves in all the right ways and made me feel super fab walking down the street. I think I might even wear this to an upcoming winter wedding. And yes, I wore Spanx . . . TMI?

Update: Giveaway is closed. The winner is displayed below!


Kira Kira


Photos by Rebecca Dale.

Shop the accessories at Lemon Stripes:
Large Gold Cuff: $28

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  1. MC Chau said:

    All the dresses are so beautiful but I love the

    Natalie Brocade Dress the most!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  2. Erin Rothney said:

    All are so pretty! Love the Monica Lace Inset dress!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  3. Samantha said:

    I absolutely love the Jacquard Fit & Flare!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  4. Rebecca Woodcock said:

    What an incredible giveaway! The dress looks gorgeous on you!

    I am eyeing the Amelia Metallic Brocade Dress and would love to add it to my closet as a fantastic classic piece!


    10.21.13 · Reply
  5. kaitlin @4loveofcarrots said:

    I love the montanta illusion peplum dress!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  6. Lesley said:

    Sydney Monochromatic Tone Sheath Dress

    10.21.13 · Reply
  7. Lauren said:

    My favorite is the
    Natalie Brocade Dress

    10.21.13 · Reply
  8. Michelle P. said:

    The Charlotte Lace dress looks like a good transition piece!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  9. Courtney Wyse said:

    The Natalie brocade dress is beautiful, super feminine and girly but o also love your dress because it is so form fitting. Looks great on you!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  10. Katie Hollstein said:

    I love the
    Parker Toxedo Dress and the harlotte Lace Dress! hope I win!!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  11. TheWorkInProgressBlog said:

    love the parker tuxedo dress. the illusion neckline makes it!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  12. pam said:

    i like the charlotte lace dress

    10.21.13 · Reply
  13. Leah said:

    The Natalie Brocade dress is beautiful. I love the little sleeve detail.

    10.21.13 · Reply
  14. Laura said:

    how adorable! I love the one that Julia is wearing, as well as the Layla Daytime Jacquard dress

    10.21.13 · Reply
  15. Natalie said:

    I love the dress you have on because its classy but still shows off your curves.

    10.21.13 · Reply
  16. Love the Layla jaquard dress!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  17. Katherine DiBella said:

    I love the Natalie Brocade Dress! As a graduating college student, it’s perfect with a blazer for job interviews but also for the holiday season. Love the Jasmin Lace Inset dress on you!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  18. Chloe said:

    You look fab in that dress!! I’m loving the Montana Illusion Peplum dress. Thanks for this awesome giveaway 🙂

    10.21.13 · Reply
  19. Sara said:

    I love the Parker Toxedo dress!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  20. Susan said:

    The Jasmin Lace Inset is my favorite! The waistline is perfect!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  21. Patti said:

    I like the
    Parker Toxedo Dress because I love LBDs. They are classic and classy!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  22. Jenny said:

    I love the Amelia Metallic Brocade Dress! Cute and classic!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  23. Love this dress! Very pretty silhouette.

    10.21.13 · Reply
  24. The one you are wearing could very well be my fave– with the Jacquard Fit & Flare Dress as a close second!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  25. Gretchen Freihofer said:

    I love the one you have on!! My 2nd favorite is the Jasmin Lace Inset Dress.

    10.21.13 · Reply
  26. Terry Seward said:

    Love the Claire fushia dress! Thanks for the giveaway

    10.21.13 · Reply
  27. Guest said:

    Looks so great on you

    10.21.13 · Reply
  28. Lauren Armstrong said:

    I adore the one you have on or the Maya Sweater Knit Dress. Everything on their site is amazing!! <3

    10.21.13 · Reply
  29. Erin said:


    Sydney Monochromatic Tone Sheath Dress
    because I still love color blocking

    10.21.13 · Reply
  30. Karissa said:

    Hey Girl! Love love love The Jasmin Lace Insert Dress, but am also dying over the Natalie Brocade dress. All that shimmery goodness.

    I’m getting married in the fall so I could use a lovely new dress for one of the many events we’re going to!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  31. M Newton said:

    Amelia Metallic Brocade Dress–how stunning is that print?

    10.21.13 · Reply
  32. Meredith said:

    I would definitely snag the Dahlia Lace Dress, so pretty!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  33. thevey said:

    i love them all!!! but would die for the
    Natalie Brocade Dress!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  34. Neeharika Ilavala said:

    Love the Sydney Monochromatic Tone Sheath Dress. A perfect work wear + fun dress.

    10.21.13 · Reply
  35. sarinanyc said:

    I would love this to wear to my sister’s upcoming rehearsal dinner for her wedding or bridal shower!!!!!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  36. Diana Gervits Gottlieb said:

    I like the Natalie brocade dress. pretty

    10.21.13 · Reply
  37. Dariel said:

    all of their lace dresses are awesome, but I think I like the monica lace inset dress best!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  38. Marielle Lauren said:

    My favorite is the Jasmin Lace Inset Dress. It is so gorgeous and perfect for so many different occasions. I love how it is shaped and will definitely be a statement dress.


    10.21.13 · Reply
  39. Jackie said:

    I love the Natalie Brocade Dress! The little tabs on the sleeves are so unique and brocade is perfect for a fun new fall look.

    10.21.13 · Reply
  40. KitKat said:

    I love the Sydney Monochromatic Tone Sheath Dress! Perfect for work or play!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  41. Tam + Sam said:

    The Jasmin Lace Inset Dress is most definitely my favorite! It is feminine and classy xx

    10.21.13 · Reply
  42. Ohh I looove this dress
    xoxo Zoe

    10.21.13 · Reply
  43. Samantha Cossick said:

    I love the Jasmin Lace dress you’re wearing as well as the Charlotte Lace one — classy but still interesting!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  44. Cristina Kuck said:

    I love the Parker Toxedo dress! I don’t have any classic little black dresses, and I desperately need one in general, but also because I have a formal-ish 30th bday party coming up.

    10.21.13 · Reply
  45. Sara said:

    clair pleated dress

    10.21.13 · Reply
  46. Courtney S. said:

    I just love the dress you have one, I wouldn’t want any other dress. I think this dress would fit any body type. What a great fall dress!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  47. Liz said:

    I love the Jasmin & Lace dress you’re wearing…that’s my favorite =)

    10.21.13 · Reply
  48. Kara said:

    I absolutely LOVE this dress you’re wearing! I am going to NYC this New Years with my boyfriend and I would love to wear this dress around this city! It is so stunning and classy!!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  49. Maiah said:

    That dress – stunning!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  50. stephie said:

    I love this dress! You look lovely, as always!

    I also love the Charlotte Lace Dress!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  51. Stefanie said:

    Love the Natalie brocade dress! Would be perfect for the NYE party our wedding venue is holding for past couples ; ) Great for re-living our wedding memories in!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  52. Meredith said:

    The Jasmin lace insert dress you have on is the absolute best of the bunch!

    10.21.13 · Reply
  53. Hello beautiful dresses!! They are all so stunning but we really love the Natalie Brocade Dress. The fabric is absolutely gorgeous and the dress structure is perfection. Thanks so much, doll! XO

    10.21.13 · Reply
  54. Geraldyne said:

    What a beautiful dresses! My favorite is the Spectrum High-Low Dress!!

    10.22.13 · Reply
  55. AllegraF said:

    Favorite is the one you’re in – Jasmine Lace Inset Dress. Gorgeous.

    10.22.13 · Reply
  56. Planning for Paris said:

    I love the layla daytime jacquard dress! So perfect for work or a night out!

    10.22.13 · Reply
  57. Elizabeth said:

    Love this dress!

    10.22.13 · Reply
  58. Jeanie Potter said:

    love any dress

    10.22.13 · Reply
  59. Emily Kammeyer said:

    Dying over the Khloe Vegan Leather Dress! Hope to win it and rock it this fall!

    10.22.13 · Reply
  60. DC Gal said:

    Love the Jasmine & lace dress!

    10.22.13 · Reply
  61. Katie Brownfield said:

    Absolutely love the one you’re wearing!

    10.23.13 · Reply