A Change of Heart

Emploi Dress

It’s easy to cop out on day/night posts by just adding some sparkle and a heel to an outfit to take it to it’s nighttime look. I tried to think this one through a little more and put some effort into both looks, an attitude that I’m also trying to take on in my life. A couple of weeks ago, when I wrote about the hardships of owning a business, I alluded to what a tough time I’ve been having lately. However, the other night, my husband and I had a long and inspiring conversation about how I need to get back into my groove and the steps I need to take to do that.

One of those steps is putting a lot more effort into things that I’ve lately been half-assing because of the funk that I hadn’t been able to shake. Even doing just that over the last few days has completely changed my attitude and the way I feel every day. Yesterday, for example, I planned out all of the meals that I’m going to cook for the week (I make dinner most nights and leftovers serve as lunch the next day), bought all of the groceries I needed for those meals, and did the prep (chopped vegetables, de-frosted chicken, etc) to make it easier when I’m inevitably not in the mood to cook at some point before Friday.

My big picture plan this week is to work out more, eat well, go out less, stick to my to-do lists, cook more, and only work on projects and attend events that will further my business and enrich my life. Sometimes I get caught up in trying to go to every single press preview, take every meeting, and say yes to every proposal but this week marks a change which I’m hoping will continue to uplift me.

What do you do when you’re in a funk? Do lists and planning work for you too or do you have another solution? I’d love to know!

Day Look: J.Crew stripe necklace shirt and schoolboy blazer, c/o T&J Designs necklace, Coach bag


Emploi Day

Night Look: Pearl necklace (similar), c/o BaubleBar necklace, J.Crew belt (old), Jean-Michel Cazabat booties, Loren Hope bracelet, c/o Kira Kira clutch (40% off with the code LEMONSTRIPES at check out!)
Emploi Night 3

Emploi Night 2

Emploi Night

Emploi Dress

Photos by Rebecca.

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  1. Having the same problem lately! I need to get back to focusing on healthy eating, working out, and spending a little more time at home to make sure my apartment doesn’t end up in the messy state it is currently in. I always feel better after eating well, exercising, and sitting in a neat/clean space!

    10.28.13 · Reply
    • Agreed about the neat/clean space. I’m exactly the same way!!

      10.28.13 · Reply
  2. Hilary said:

    You look gorgeous. I miss you!!! Just read your post about the hardships of owning a business and I’m with you girl. I oscillate between joy and feeling really weighed down by the responsibility of it all. But ultimately, it’s rewarding. Anyway, you’re doing great things and I admire the leap you took to go out on your own. Much love!

    10.28.13 · Reply
    • Aww I miss you so much and am so proud of you too!!

      10.28.13 · Reply
  3. I am the totally the same way, when my apartment is clean and organized, I have a game plan food wise and exercise wise. I actually feel like I can focus better. I’ve started saying no to a lot of things too, the first few years of biz was all about the YES but I’ve learned the importance of the no too! its a hard one!

    10.28.13 · Reply
    • Agreed! At first you want to be everywhere and meet everyone but then you realize that you have to come first!!

      10.28.13 · Reply
  4. Liz McAvoy said:

    I am so bad about overbooking myself and saying yes to everything, but it definitely just has me ending the day worn out and uninspired — good for you to make an active and thoughtful change — and these outfits are the perfect start!

    10.28.13 · Reply
  5. Erika said:

    Loving these looks Julia! Happy to see that you’re smiling again and chin up girlie! You’re doing an amazing job!

    10.28.13 · Reply
  6. Two great looks, Julia! You look fabulous. I can totally identify with feeling a need to ‘reboot’ every so often — getting organized, taking a breath of fresh air outdoors, and spending time with the ones I love most always helps. I also really liked that piece of advice from DVF you shared recently about how she starts her day. Great daily reminder about generosity and lending a hand & heart to others! 🙂

    10.28.13 · Reply
  7. Short and Sweet Blog said:

    Beautiful outfit…love those colors together!

    10.28.13 · Reply
  8. Ali said:

    You are so beautiful on the inside and out, Julia!

    10.28.13 · Reply
  9. Amita Glamplaza said:

    What a stunning ensemble! The clutch, bracelet and neckpiece accentuate the elegant beauty of the red dress. You look gorgeous!!

    Amita @ Glamplaza


    10.29.13 · Reply
  10. Rose said:

    Girl, you look GOOD in red!!

    10.29.13 · Reply