Cute & Cozy Sweatshirts

Who doesn’t love a good sweatshirt? My winter to spring uniform has been jeans and a sweatshirt (this one, mainly as you can see here) but you could also wear any of these with shorts and sandals come summertime.

This little round-up is full of sweatshirts I own or that are on my wish list. I have an old J.Crew pink half-zip that I always get asked about and this half-zip is very similar to it. I just ordered this mock-neck henley in green, and it comes in six other colors too. And this oversized hoodie in green or grey is fantastic.

Row 1: cream / pink / green / blue

Row 2: Paris / white / love / gardener

Row 3: tennis / crew / light green / hoodie

Row 4: brown / blue / green (comes in 10 colors) / navy


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