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Fall is in full effect over here and I’m finally ok with it. I’m getting used to putting on a coat or vest every time I leave the house, and I’m embracing cozy sweaters like it’s nobody’s business. I thought I’d share my fall wish list, including some pieces that I’ve already picked up, and some that I still hope to buy in the coming weeks.

I’ll start with plaid shirts. My collection is already insane so my rule this year is to only by classic versions that I know I’ll wear year after year. I started with this classic Stewart plaid from J.Crew (worn earlier this week) and then hit up LL Bean for this red plaid flannel (in the Prince Charles Edward option) that I’ve wanted for a few winters now. And that’s it! Unless something insanely good comes along for winter, I’m all plaid-shirted out. Although if I didn’t already have this pattern, I would snap up this shirt which will be perfect for the holidays.

Now onto sweaters… Now that I work from home, I’m opting for oversized, thick cozy sweaters as opposed to the more structure, professional ones I was drawn to for the office. This turnleneck sweater, hands down, is my favorite so far this season. I have it in light grey, but it comes in 10 colors, so there is something for everyone. It’s a great price too! I find myself reaching for it almost every day and have to stop myself. I also love this tunic sweater that is the crew neck version of the v-neck I wore in yesterday’s post (no longer available). It comes in five colors and is only 39!

I have a lot of outerwear already so didn’t really need to stock up this year but have had my eye on this plush fleece vest after seeing a few of my friends wear it. I picked up a new Barbour during the Nordstrom sale last month (sold out now) but love the selection here. Barbour coats are classic and you’ll own them forever. I’ve had my olive one for almost 10 years now! While I love my Hunters, I have been looking for a pair of rain booties. They feel like less of a commitment and make less of an aggressive statement. I found this pair that comes in three colors and will look quite chic with leggings or dark jeans. Note: I just heard from a reader that Sam Edelman has a similar pair on sale for $39.

Speaking of outerwear, everything at J.Crew Factory is 50% off today and their City Coat is identical to the classic J.Crew Cocoon one and only $119!

As far as accessories go, I added this leather-handled version of a classic tote to my list after seeing it in Carly’s post earlier this week. I’ve been wearing a lot of baseball caps lately, especially for dog walks. I got this needlepoint hat over the summer, and am looking to pick it up in red for fall.

Grey Turtleneck Sweater / Plaid Scarf / Leopard Flats / Barbour Jacket / Jeans / Plaid Shirt / Vest / Tote / Rain Booties / Red Hat / Bell Sleeve Shirt


Grey Turtleneck Sweater / Plaid Scarf / Leopard Flats / Barbour Jacket / Jeans / Plaid Shirt / Vest / Tote / Rain Booties / Red Hat / Bell Sleeve Shirt


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  1. Elizabeth Rogers said:

    One can never have enough oversized sweaters – they are how I get through winter! Thinking I may finally splurge on a Barbour jacket soon too!

    10.6.16 · Reply
  2. Anonymous said:

    They actually have a lot of rain booties in places like T.J. Maxx or Marshalls. I prefer the booties now unless it is raining really hard. The booties are just more comfortable and not so clunky. However, the downside is that they don’t protect your pants from getting wet so like I said, if it is raining hard, then I go for the bigger boots.

    10.6.16 · Reply
    • Agreed, that’s a good point. If it’s raining super hard, you might need the higher boots!

      10.6.16 · Reply
  3. Caroline said:

    You are the Queen of all things classic prep! Love your whole wish list!
    x0x0 Caroline http://thecarolove.com/

    10.6.16 · Reply
  4. Kelsey McGownd Batten said:

    I love the cozy fall vibe of all these items! Do you know if Nordstrom still has the Vneck version of that sweater – the one you wore in yesterday’s post? Or have you found anything similar? I almost got one during the anniversary sale and am kicking myself now!

    10.6.16 · Reply
    • They don’t have it anymore unfortunately. So glad I snapped it up! It was such a great find. But the crew neck one looks pretty great too. I’ll let you know if I see it again though!

      10.6.16 · Reply
  5. If anybody loves the rain booties, Sam Edelman is having a sale and offering some for $39 right now!

    10.6.16 · Reply
    • Amazing! Just added in a note about that in this post. I love those… might get them instead of the J.Crew ones. Thanks for the tip!

      10.6.16 · Reply
  6. Carly A. Heitlinger said:

    The tote is so cute! It’s even better in person!

    10.6.16 · Reply
    • Yay can’t wait for it to come! We can twin with them soon 🙂

      10.6.16 · Reply
  7. CelebratingthisLife said:

    You will love the leather handled tote! I bought the green one last summer and love it! The handles are so easy to carry in your hand, it’s great for mornings at the farmers market! xx Rox-Anne, Celebratingthislife.ca

    10.6.16 · Reply
  8. Ginna said:

    Love those leopard flats! I need a fresh pair this year and will have to take a look at these. ~Ginna GinnaAndTonic.com

    10.6.16 · Reply
  9. I just bought an awesome pair of high waist jeans from Jcrew that are ripped at the knees. And they are always have 30% off sales. Totally worth checking. xx


    10.6.16 · Reply
  10. Julie said:

    Hi Julia, I love lots of things in this post, especially the booties (the cheaper version look fab!) and the long cosy jumper…very much up my street. There are a few links which aren’t working in your post though: the tote bag at the bottom and the tunic sweater from Nordstrom. Could you please fix them please so I can check those recommendations too. Cheers Julia! Hugs from London, Julie


    10.6.16 · Reply
    • Hi Julie! Thanks so much for letting me know. The links are fixed! xo

      10.6.16 · Reply
  11. Alyson said:

    My leopard flats are an essential in my wardrobe! I highly recommend getting a pair!

    XO Alyson | My Life as Alyson

    10.6.16 · Reply
  12. I haven’t been able to bring myself to wear leopard shoes/flats. I don’t think it really goes with the fall fashion vibe here in Arizona. SADLY! Lol

    West Coast Blogger

    10.7.16 · Reply
  13. Kiki said:

    I need new boots like something serious! It was a super chilly morning and I thought flats would work. Nope. haha I actually love these and I’m heading over to check them out! Thanks for sharing! (:

    10.10.16 · Reply
  14. Hilary said:

    Hi Julia! Love your Fall Wishlist – so many great, classic, quality items. Can you tell me what size you purchased the Land’s End gray sweater in? The reviews show it as running large and some complain it is baggy. It doesn’t look the least bit baggy on you. I want to nail that look without having to return/exchange.

    10.11.16 · Reply
    • Hi Hilary! Mine is a size small. It’s a little baggy but I like it that way 🙂

      10.11.16 · Reply