Hang Out in Style!

When I get home after work, the first thing that I do is immediately slip into my super soft and cozy hang out clothes. I’m a big proponent of being comfortable at all times, but I also like to look good simultaneously. That being said, I have created an entire section in my dresser devoted to yoga pants, loose cotton t-shirts, fleece socks (yep), and sweaters stolen from my boyfriend. Everyone has these items in their wardrobe, but I urge you to take it a step up, upgrade your leisure suit with some suggestions below!

Jcrew’s Cashmere Hoodie

C&C California Striped Sweater

Men’s Classic-Fit Polo Pocket Tee

Lulu Lemon’s Groove Pant

Pencey Standard Sweatpants

Vena Cava Sweatpants

Juicy Original Velour Drawstring Pants

Ugg’s Dakota Slippers

Minnetonka Moccasins

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  1. G Kourik said:

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    1.23.13 · Reply
  2. QuickBuffet U.K said:

    I too love being comfortable at all times even at work, thankfully, we have a casual dress culture as Quickbuffet so it fits in well. Will look out for some of these

    2.23.15 · Reply
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