Beach Picnic

Hatch Collection Dress

Happy Monday, friends! Today marks week 34, which means I have only six weeks to go until my due date. We’re in serious home stretch territory, thank goodness. After I tie up a few loose ends, I’ll finally feel ready to meet this baby and for the next stage of this exciting time. The next two weeks are going to be all about prepping on home and blog fronts to prepare, but we’re also squeezing in one last mini vacation this weekend for our “babymoon” to Newport. I’m so excited to get away with Anel for a few days without any work or home projects for once.

While that’s only a week away, this weekend I was feeling some serious FOMO because my sister is traveling around Italy and many of my friends are on tropical vacations. On Saturday evening, Anel and I picked up some provisions and had a little picnic on the beach in Westport. The sunset seriously delivered (see below) and the evening made me so happy and relaxed that I had the best night of sleep I’ve had in months that night. I feel so lucky to live near the beach so we can do things like this!

Another thing that I’m feeling grateful for right now is the fact that as I get bigger and bigger, the weather is getting warmer and warmer. I can live in easy dresses that don’t involve pulling on pants (it’s harder than you think these days) or trying to plan a whole outfit. Hatch Collection sent me this easy breezy little white dress a few weeks ago, and I was finally able to wear it over the weekend. At this point, I’m about ready to burn all of my maternity clothes because I’m so sick of them, so getting a new dress is like Christmas.

Hatch has been one of my favorite maternity brands from day one (see my full list here), and I’m an even bigger fan after seeing their summer collection. I love how loose and comfortable everything is. Their basics have been my favorite during my pregnancy. Currently on my wish list is this comfy striped dress and this circle tee. This blue dress would be adorable a baby shower.

Hatch Collection dress c/o / Terrain Straw Bag c/o / Lemon Stripes x Hat Attack Hat / Water Bottle / Plates

Beach Picnic

Little White Dress

Cotton Candy Sunset

Lemon Stripes wearing a Hatch Collection Dress

Hatch Collection dress c/o / Terrain Straw Bag c/o / Lemon Stripes x Hat Attack Hat / Water Bottle / Plates


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