Black Maxi Two Ways

Before I get into it about the ever important topic of maxi dresses, I want to talk about my content lately. You might have noticed that it’s been a little more fluff and a little less real talk. While the fluff and pretty things are great and fun, what I love most about blogging is writing about important topics that help other people in some way. In the last week, I’ve had not one but two readers come up to me on the street (one at church on Easter!) to tell me how much my miscarriage and pregnancy posts have helped them with their own struggles. It reminded me about why I do what I do, and forced me to think about creating more important content in the coming weeks.

The reason that I took a little break is because I felt so burned by some pretty nasty criticism that I received. I’ve spent a few weeks working through that, and finally feel like I’m in a place where I can ignore hateful comments, and just do me. It look a lot of soul searching and talking it through with other blogger friends, but I’m proud to say that I’m in a totally different place and ready to get back to doing what I love the most! Next week I’ll start with a big pregnancy update to kick off my third trimester, followed by some thoughts on mommy shaming and much more. If you have any ideas on topics you want to hear about, always let me know. If it’s something I can relate to or know anything about, I’ll take a stab at it.

In the meantime, let’s talk about maxi dresses…

I have a feeling that maxi dresses are going to be a major staple in my closet for the next few months. They’re loose, comfy, and always look chic, perfect for my growing bump. I bought this one on sale for $25 and was surprised at how flattering it was. I love this similar non maternity dress for only $68 too (PS this one is a little pricer at $109 but is almost identical to mine). Although it’s just starting to warm up, I’ve already worn it a handful of times because it feels like wearing PJs (ok more like a nightgown) but looks more pulled together than a lot of my other maternity clothes.

I’m actually working on a post about what maternity clothes you need and don’t need that will go up in the next week or two so stay tuned for that!

Here I styled this maxi two ways, but there are really endless possibilities when it comes to black maxis. You can layer on a big necklace or statement earrings (I just got these fringe drops in coral and am obsessed), tie an oxford over it, or top it with a denim jacket or blazer (love this chambray one that’s 25% off).

How do you like to style a maxi dress?

Old Navy Maternity Maxi Dress ($25) / Non Maternity Black Maxi ($68) / J.Crew Denim Jacket / Gold Necklace / Cross Body Bag / Wicker Bag

Photos by Courtney Ann Photography.


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  1. hithaonthego said:

    1) So glad you’re shrugging off the haters and focusing on producing great content. You are such an inspiration to so many women – myself included.
    2) Old Navy’s maternity clothes are the shit. I have a long-sleeved maxi dress that I wore all the time from there when I was pregnant with Rho, and wish I could still wear it. Maybe for baby #2 🙂

    4.20.17 · Reply
    • 1. Thank you for saying that! xoxo
      2. I’m not loving a lot of the stuff I’ve bought from them, but love this dress. Any specific recs are welcome 🙂

      4.20.17 · Reply
      • hithaonthego said:

        Their dresses were my favorite, but I also got some of their fitted t-shirts for my last months with Rho. I went with Citizens for maternity jeans, Blanqi for leggings, and Hatch for tops is what I did. I also bought some men’s Uniqlo button downs that got me through my last trimester and early days at home.

        4.20.17 · Reply
  2. Love the dress with the necklace!! Happy to heat your ignoring the nasty commenters and coming back with more personal posts!

    4.20.17 · Reply
  3. Meghan Keleher said:

    Maxi dresses are the BEST maternity wear… I had a few in my wardrobe when I was pregnant but my favorite, a navy striped number from LOFT, was on repeat during the last few weeks. I was giant and pants were a chore, and it was a lifesaver: chic with flats or sandals and a cute necklace, but basically like wearing pajamas.

    I also wanted to say that I really appreciate your willingness to engage in deeper discussions with your readers. I’m all in for fashion, style and wellness but it’s refreshing to turn to sites that I love and respect and see those honest conversations as well. I’m glad you’re in a better place and I’m looking forward to seeing that content from you as you move forward! <3

    4.20.17 · Reply
    • Hahah your “pants were a chore” line cracked me up. I already have a hard time putting them on. Tying shoes is even worse! I’m so glad I’ll be the biggest in warm months so I can stick to dresses 🙂

      And thank you for saying that about my content. I really appreciate it!

      4.20.17 · Reply
  4. Katie H said:

    Definitely noticed the content shift recently and I missed the old stuff! It may be less controversial to do fashion posts but they aren’t as interesting (at least to me). Thanks for returning to what made me love this blog in the first place – your honesty with your readers and your willingness to explore a broad range of topics. At least to me, you are one of the few bloggers who really conveys the sense that you are really working to create interesting and relevant content for your readers, and I really appreciate that.

    4.20.17 · Reply
    • I totally agree. They’re not as interesting to write either. I think that’s why I’ve been feeling so out of it lately. I’m not pushing or inspiring myself! I’m so glad you like that kind of content, and I look forward to bringing it back next week 🙂

      4.20.17 · Reply
  5. Stephanie said:

    Hi Julia – a topic I’d like to read about is maternity leggings. I didn’t see any in your maternity shop, and I’m looking for a good pair. I got a comfy pair from Gap, but they are not opaque enough, plus they are LONG (I’m 5’4″). I’ve read similar complaints re:opacity on Ingrid&Isabelle’s leggings and also the ones from Storq. I don’t want to resort to athletic leggings, but I need something more than tights!

    4.20.17 · Reply
    • Great topic! I don’t like any of the ones I’ve tried. Ingrid & Isabel make the best pair I’ve had so far but last week I bought a pair of the “Align” pants at Lululemon and haven’t taken them off. They’re not technically maternity, but they’re high waisted and super stretchy. They’re pricey but if you wear them everyday I think it’s worth it. I can’t recommend them enough!!

      4.20.17 · Reply
      • Jordan Fellows said:

        I loved Blanqi leggings! Very comfy and opaque. I’m still wearing them 6 months postpartum too 🙂

        4.20.17 · Reply
  6. Thanks, Katelin! That means a lot 🙂

    4.20.17 · Reply
  7. Dana Mannarino said:

    Honestly, screw the haters – they are so annoying and it’s so disgusting to see how upset they make others feel. Glad you’re getting past it though! I love reading your more personal posts (in addition to the “fluff, tbh)! Keep it up, lady! Xx

    Pink Champagne Problems

    4.20.17 · Reply
  8. Erin said:

    I’m so happy to hear you will return to content that is important to you! I tend to be a more silent follower, not commenting often but enjoying posts regardless, but have to say I hate that some readers feel the need to be nasty. I’ve never understood how people feel the need to be rude or awful-it is unproductive and simply mean. Life is too short. I hope you know your readers who appreciate your blog want you to post what is authentic and important to you. I’m glad to know you’ve taken the time you need to get back to that and I hope you can ignore any negativity in the future as hard as it can be. As a new mother myself, one thing I’ve realized that I’m sure you have too is that I’m awesome- I and you created a life and it’s so important to remain happy and positive around the little babes. You just do you Julia. Let’s breed happy and supportive people and ignore those people trying to tear it down.

    4.20.17 · Reply
    • Thank you for commenting, Erin! I’m glad to know that you’re out there 🙂

      And I’m with you on breeding happy and supportive tiny humans. I love that!

      4.21.17 · Reply
  9. Katherine said:

    Being a new reader, who isn’t pregnant, I enjoy all aspects of your blog! The real and the fluff. I would say continue to do what you want! It’s your blog, haters will hate anywhere they can.

    4.20.17 · Reply
  10. Katherine said:

    Love this post! You have such a beautiful way of writing and such a strong voice, I’m glad you are feeling back to your normal self – can’t wait to read what you have in store!! And ugh mommy shaming, it’s so sad and unfortunate and just awful. I hope you know how many people you have that will support you through it all!! xxx

    4.20.17 · Reply
  11. Bravoaddict said:

    No good ever comes from reading Gomi. Those people are miserable and live to make as many people as possible feel like crap. Stop reading the garbage they spew.

    4.20.17 · Reply
    • PREACH! I stopped reading it a few months ago and feel so much better now 🙂

      4.21.17 · Reply
  12. Alyssa Loring said:

    Argh to negativity and mom shaming! Keep doing you – I have really enjoyed reading your blog so far!

    Alyssa | feathers and stripes

    4.20.17 · Reply
  13. Brittany said:

    I’m so glad you’ll be sharing more real talk (though I totally understand your need to take a break!). I love the pretty stuff on your blog and the blogs of others as much as the next girl, but what really draws me in and keeps me coming back is the honest posts about real life because they’re relatable. And, even when it’s not something I’ve been through personally I think its valuable to know about the everyday ups and downs because it’s authentic. I always enjoy reading that type of content, and that’s why I recently started blogging as a hobby myself – as a way to store and organize my thoughts, but also because I think life’s joys, struggles, chaos, and love resonate with others too.

    In terms of ideas, I’m only a few weeks behind you in my own pregnancy, so naturally I love your pregnancy updates and motherhood posts. I understand if it’s too personal, but I’ve been loving reading other women’s birth stories lately – it makes me feel oddly more prepared to know what to expect and the various experiences out there!

    4.20.17 · Reply
    • Congrats on your pregnancy! I’m doing a big prego update next Monday when I hit my third trimester (ahh!) so I hope it’s full of useful info for you 🙂

      4.21.17 · Reply
  14. Kristi said:

    Hi Julia! I would love to read a post about how having a baby will influence your career. I am a 30-year-old working professional that has waited to have a baby due to my schooling and career progression. Earlier this year we decided it was time and while it was easy to get pregnant, we lost the baby around 12 weeks. Since then, I have thought a lot about how life will be when we try again (hoping to be promoted soon), possibly an opportunity to move to another state and start over (scary with a new baby!), and just any talk about how life transitions affect us so greatly. I feel like the future is all I ever think about these days and I wish I could be more in the present. Thanks for keeping your blog so fun to read!

    4.20.17 · Reply
    • I’m so so sorry to hear about your loss. I know that feeling of living in the future and I definitely encourage you to try to be more present whenever you can (easier said than done). You have some exciting things happening in your near future, but the calm before the storm is something to enjoy as well!

      Great idea for a post! Do you think it would be helpful after I have the baby so I know more, or before to talk about my plans?

      4.21.17 · Reply
      • Kristi said:

        Maybe both? Totally up to you!

        4.21.17 · Reply
  15. barkamy said:

    I am an older mom (with kids who will be 3 and 9 this summer) who loves your sense of style. I have followed your journey and appreciate your honest, supportive posts. It angers me that some people feel the need to criticize and berate. I just wish they could find more constructive ways of devoting their time! I am so glad to know that you will continue sharing your thoughts despite some negative posts. Years ago, when I was dealing with infertility, I felt like I had no support and/or outlet. Thank you for your wonderful work! Wishing you all the best!

    4.20.17 · Reply
    • Thank you so much for saying all of this. You make my heart happy 🙂

      4.21.17 · Reply
  16. Lauren Carfora said:

    I’m definitely getting this maxi! I love all your maternity and pregnancy posts.
    I’ve learned that there will always be someone to judge the pregnancy/motherhood decisions you are making. But, I can imagine it’s very hard when those judgements are constantly thrown in your face via anonymous internet trolls.
    I can’t wait for your next update! And to see what summer maternity clothes you buy! I’m now 23 weeks and can’t fit into a lot of my old clothes!! I took them all out of my closet and now my closet is empty! Ha!
    Also, I love your grocery insta-stories. They give me a lot of good ideas for pregnancy foods!

    4.21.17 · Reply
    • You’ll love it! Just buy true to size because at first I sized up and it was ginormous 🙂

      And thank you so much! Congrats on being 23 weeks. My maternity clothes post is coming soon, I promise. It’s taking me a while to write it!

      4.21.17 · Reply
  17. Katrin B said:

    Hi Julia, I am so sorry that some mothers criticized you in ways that made you feel bad about your work and wonderful blog. I have a daughter too and have no idea why we have to make life harder for everyone by berating and criticizing other parents. I think as long as you love your kids, every mother should feel free to be any type of Mom they choose to be (whether it’s the stay at home Mom, the working Mom, the stylish Mom or whatever stereotype of mother there is..) . I think the kids are happy when the parents are happy and I am sure you guys will be fine 🙂

    4.21.17 · Reply
    • I love love love what you said here: “I think as long as you love your kids, every mother should feel free to be any type of Mom they choose to be.”

      Thank you!

      4.21.17 · Reply
  18. Alyssa Thomas said:

    It just baffles me why someone would criticize you! Your content is always wonderful and honest and beautiful. Just keep doing you! You’re AMAZING, and there are so many of us out here who love you! Sending you all the love and positivity.

    (PS, have I mentioned you’re gorgeous? I’m loving the simple black maxi with the bright necklace!)

    4.21.17 · Reply
  19. Cathleen Partridge said:

    You are so adorable and a lovely person inside and out. Criticism can really hurt and is often made by jealous unhappy people. Sending you cyber hugs and lots of love. Carry on…you are fabulous!!

    4.21.17 · Reply
  20. Chelsea said:

    Sorry to read that people are being mean – it’s not right and people shouldn’t spread negativity in the world. Life is hard enough! I hope you know that sharing your story has helped me personally and I look forward to reading more soon.

    4.21.17 · Reply
  21. disqus_aDkY5aVqNq said:

    Love your blog, Julia! Took me most of my life to realize that the haters really hate themselves. It’s just easier to project it onto you, so they don’t have to take a hard look at themselves.

    You’ve got so many wonderful things in your life to focus on. Don’t give those people the time and attention that truly belongs to the more positive (and important and deserving) aspects of your life.

    Keep on being YOU. It’s why we all follow you 🙂

    P.S.-Your style is SO amazing, inspiring, fresh and pretty!

    From another Julia/Julie (don’t know why it posted me as disqus_aDkY5aVqNq)

    4.21.17 · Reply
  22. Julia said:

    Sorry that people have been awful to you – your readers really appreciate your candor and nuanced posts about pregnancy. You’re obviously a thoughtful, kind person and it’s a shame that modern day parenting has become so like a strict, judgmental religion. I felt terrible when you were criticized for adopting an adorable mixed breed pup, too! It’s easy for people to hide behind comments, but tough to be brave enough to post publicly like you do!

    4.22.17 · Reply
    • Thank you, Julia! That means so much. I have been comparing it to when we got Boots too, and I’m HOPING that I proved everyone wrong by being a great dog mama to him 🙂

      4.24.17 · Reply