How to Wear a Bodysuit

I was so nervous to wear this outfit and post these photos today, but I’m so glad I did because bodysuits are my new favorite thing ever. I just bought my first one a few weeks ago, and it took me that long to actually put it on. The act of getting dressed in it was hilarious and reminded me of putting a onesie on my daughter, but once you pull on a great pair of jeans over it, it’s no longer reminiscent of baby clothes.

I love the simplicity of the way it fits under pants or a skirt and how there is no need to fidget with tucking and re-tucking it in all day long. I really like J.Crew’s collection of bodysuits because they’re not too skimpy and look simple and chic. I chose this simple black one to ease myself into the whole thing, but I want this wrap one next because of it’s more interesting neckline that would look just lovely with a pretty patterned skirt.

I think the best way to wear a bodysuit is to keep it easy and simple. Don’t get one that’s too low cut, and buy it in a dark color. The lighter it is, the less forgiving it will be. Pair it with your favorite pair of jeans instead of something too-tight or trendy that will make you feel uncomfortable all day long.

Seeing myself in these photos brought up a lot of emotion for me. While I’ve worked hard to lose most of my baby weight, my boobs are a cup size bigger, my stomach has an extra layer of fat, and my hips will never look the same (I’m a full cup size bigger than I was before the baby!). If you had asked me how I would feel about that before I had Amalia or even a few months ago I would have been upset and borderline obsessively worrying about it, but something has changed recently.

I’ve had the biggest shift in the way I look at my body since puberty.

I noticed it for the first time over the weekend. Anel and I spent all day Saturday in the city, just the two of us, and as part of our baby-free date, we went to Aire Aincent Baths for the experience and a massage. I was hopping in and out of baths and steam rooms in a bathing suit and for the first time maybe ever around strangers, I didn’t feel self conscious… Like not even a little bit!

Last night when I was putting together this post, I looked at these photos and again didn’t have usual body shame that I’ve felt since age 13.

I’ve clearly had a long history of hating the way I look, including an eating disorder in high school, but for some reason when I think of my body as a place that carried my child, it looks so much more beautiful to me.

I care less about having a “perfect” figure and am focusing more on feeling my healthiest and strongest to be the best possible mama I can be. I still have loose skin on my stomach, and I don’t know if that will go away or not… But it carried my beautiful baby girl and for that I’m proud.


Although I may never be brave enough to wear a bikini again. We’ll see!

J.Crew Bodysuit / AG Jeans / J.Crew Factory Flats / Cuyana Tote / Karen Walker Sunnies / BaubleBar Necklace c/o

J.Crew Bodysuit / AG Jeans / J.Crew Factory Flats / Cuyana Tote / Karen Walker Sunnies / BaubleBar Necklace c/o

Photos by Carter Fish.

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  1. Jess said:

    You look amazing. You look healthy and happy and yes, totally fit and beautiful! I really loved you sharing this- body image is SUCH an issue for so many girls and women, and I think it’s wonderful that you’ve had such a shift in how you view your body!

    Also, that bodysuit is gorg.

    xo Jess

    3.4.18 · Reply
  2. Allie said:

    You look really great! I love reading your outlook on healthy eating and body image in Lemon Stripes, it inspires me to think about the healthiness of my lifestyle and make positive changes. So thank you! And you rock that body suit. xAllie

    3.4.18 · Reply
  3. Allison Manwell said:

    Thank you for this! Body image is so hard for so many, if not all, of us- I can’t imagine that any woman actually thinks positively (let alone kindly) towards her body all the time. Call me crazy, but I’ve heard enough mamas talk about the postpartum body confidence, and it makes me look forward to babies even more haha.

    3.4.18 · Reply
  4. Jenni Lopez said:

    This is such a real post, I so appreciate your sharing. And I’ve been one-piece-or-bust since my son was born because I can’t quite figure out how to chase a baby, and now toddler at the beach or pool and keep everything covered that I need to! Sometimes it’s just got to be practical.

    3.4.18 · Reply
  5. Friend you LOOK AMAZING!!!!

    Body image is rough. I am really working at being kinder to myself and you are an inspiration. That being said you look hot hot hot!!!

    Also funny you said that about your boobs bc all my friends who have had kids complain that theirs have shrunk and got saggy (sorry, TMI this is better suited for a text but whatever.) I’d say you lucked out!!

    3.4.18 · Reply
  6. Everyone is saying it but you truly look amazing! I was so excited to hear about the body suit (just ordered my first from JCrew), but I also loved hearing about your body confidence developments. I have always been thin and was self conscious about that, eating fast food to weigh “enough” until my doctors finally convinced me I could be healthy and be thinner. Then I met my husband, became really happy, finally weighed “enough,” and got upset about it. I can’t imagine how I’ll be with extra fat after a baby, but I hope I’m able to look at it the same way you do, as a body that carried your baby.

    3.4.18 · Reply
  7. Lisa said:

    I’m currently pregnant. if i look half as good as you do after i have my babies i will be thrilled. you really do look amazing, though I know what other people think/say is not what really matters – it is how you feel about your own body! Glad you are feeling more confident post-baby.

    3.4.18 · Reply
  8. HTxBaybay said:

    I love you for this post! I have had 2 c-sections at 38 and 41. Until I was 30 I had been a size 2/4. I am just 5 ft tall, and store my fat in my belly. So at a size 10, I have been miserable. But my body will never be 20 years old again and I have a sweet girl with me and my angel boy in heaven. So, yes, I see my body differently. The security, the confidence and even the “I don’t care what you think” attitude is growing on me. I am happy focusing on love, and the good in life.

    3.4.18 · Reply
  9. Christa // Regina said:

    What a wonderful outlook!! You look amazing and can tell how confident and happy you are feeling! I’m hoping I will be kind to myself when the time comes for me to have kids (and after kids) as well. I’m finding more and more women talking about this and it’s so refreshing! I love how real you are about everything – keep it up!! xo

    3.4.18 · Reply