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Well we certainly had an eventful weekend! Anel and I decided that while we love having Amalia on a schedule and strict routines, we have to practice leaving the house with her more often. We’re heading to Bermuda with my whole family in a few weeks and totally freaking out about how that’s going to go. So we thought… let’s take her to the beach as practice.

Two words can describe the experiment: Epic. Fail.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, sunny and upwards of 85 degrees. We waited until after her first nap of the day and Anel packed the car while I fed her. She didn’t sleep a wink during the 20 minute drive, but it wasn’t her usual nap time yet so we weren’t too worried. When we got there, we found a shady spot under some trees on the grass near the sand and set up shop. I tried to get her down while Anel parked the car.

She wouldn’t sleep in the car seat so I tried the Baby Bjorn bouncer. No luck. I picked her up but she was exhausted at this point so I decided to nurse her to sleep even though it wasn’t her usual eating time. That was mistake number one. She passed out for about 30 minutes and then woke up with a nice loud scream and a poop explosion all over herself!

During this time, we were playing fetch with the dog… Bringing him was mistake number two. It was just too much for us to handle both of them on our first beach excursion!

When she woke up, it wasn’t eating time again so we kept her up until 1:30 (after changing her) which was when she was supposed to eat. She refused to nurse (I think she was hot?) so I tried a bottle. Nada. We packed back up in the car and she passed out again but then woke up starving as soon as we got home. It was a hot mess trying to feed her and get her back down because she was so overtired at that point.

So lessons learned: 1. We need to practice napping outside of the house. She’s a little champ at it when we’re home but outside, not so much. 2. We need to practice eating outside of the house… and getting her used to different temperatures. 3. Maybe don’t bring the dog next time. 4. Don’t expect a day at the beach to be relaxing anymore!

Overall I’m so glad that we went because now we have a practice run under our belt and we can try it again with a different mindset next time. I’m learning that parenting is all about trial and error. And while this trial was a definite error, we learned a thing or two.

Ok, moving on to the outfit…

Despite the fact that it was almost 90 this weekend, I have been shooting lots of fall outfits because I’m excited about some new pieces like this long cardigan ($79). It’s selling out quickly, but there are still 11 colors left including this one (pink adobe) so snap it up ASAP! It’s the perfect length and weight, and I have a feeling I’ll be wearing it a lot this fall and winter.

I wore it with these jeans that were always a little big but now fit which is exciting. PS I found a dupe pair for $80! I also have to mention my new favorite sunglasses that Anel thinks are ridiculous but I love. They were only $65 and they’re giant mirrored aviators… aka my dream glasses. I’m obsessed with the brand, my sister just bought this pair which I am into as well.

Long Cardigan ($79)/ Leopard Clutch ($45) / Monogram Necklace (size 3XL) / Top / Black Jeans / Booties c/o / Sunnies ($65)

Long Cardigan ($79)/ Leopard Clutch ($45) / Monogram Necklace (size 3XL) / Top / Black Jeans / Booties c/o / Sunnies ($65)

Photos by Carter Fish.


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  1. dcl said:

    Sorry the trip didn’t go well! I don’t want to start a big debate, but I wonder if introducing a little flexibility in your routine and trusting your instincts in what Amalia needs at any one time might be helpful and veering a little off Babywise? I know you have had some positive experiences using Babywise, but if you all have to be housebound in order for it to “work”, is that really working for your lifestyle? I am sure you have talked the method through with your ped, but our practice was pretty adamant against that method, and the AAP is as well. Again, not trying to stir up controversy, just a thought. I am not a hippy liberal attachment parent and support sleep training in the right circumstances, but the medical community coming out against Babywise just gave me pause. I found this link helpful and (hopefully) non judgmental. https://www.babysleepsite.com/sleep-training/warning-babywise-may-not-be-right-for-your-baby/

    9.25.17 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      YES YES YES. I am so nervous to veer off course with her schedule but I KNOW you’re right. It’s just so hard for me to make it actually happen in real life!

      Our ped is down with the schedule and put her own kids on it so I’m not worried about it being bad for her, per se, but for our family’s happiness and flexibility, we need to make some changes!

      PS I’ve read that article and appreciate it but respectfully disagree because whoever wrote it clearly didn’t read the book which never ever suggests delaying feedings!! Babywise states over and over that you should try to stick to the schedule as closely as you can but if the baby is hungry you feed her and if she’s tired, you put her down!! That’s how we interpret it anyway 🙂

      9.25.17 · Reply
  2. Samantha Tananbaum said:

    Wow, sounds like it was quite the adventure! Totally appreciate your honesty. I was talking to a pregnant friend recently about how we don’t understand why new moms don’t share more of their learning experiences, so thank you for that! Love this look too, and can’t wait for it to be sweater weather!


    9.25.17 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      Aww so glad it’s helpful! I’m trying to be honest and not paint a picture-perfect view of motherhood because it’s far from that!!

      9.25.17 · Reply
  3. kelly said:

    Hey, did you cut your hair? It looks cute.

    9.25.17 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      No I’m actually growing it! But when I curl it, it looks a lot shorter 🙂

      9.25.17 · Reply
  4. Elizabeth said:

    You are totally right about lesson #4! My daughter was born in May, and I don’t anticipate the beach being relaxing for about the next 15 years!! (or more if we have more kids!)
    I was home all summer on maternity leave and we did not have a schedule at all and that was perfectly fine. But now that I’m back at work and the baby is at day care, we have to have a schedule and it’s been a little tough getting on one. Not to mention I’ve learned that the “4 month sleep regression” is a thing (you’ve been warned, sorry :-/), so after sleeping through the night for months when we had nowhere to be in the morning, the baby is now waking up 2-3 times each night. So I guess my point is, I hope you can find a happy medium between a rigid schedule and flexibility that works for your family!

    9.25.17 · Reply
  5. Valliere said:

    I completely agree about being more flexible and more in tune with your baby rather than following so rigid a plan. Babies do not all follow the same plan, so while books etc… are helpful, you have got to figure out more of how your baby ticks. Just reading your post stresses me out and your stress is so easily absorbed by your baby. My son was on a definite routine established by our baby nurse the first two weeks, but I wanted and needed to figure out how he fit into our life as well. This is an incredibly stressful time with a newborn because you are not sure if you are doing, quite frankly, anything right. Just love her and loosen up a bit.

    9.25.17 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      I totally agree, Valliere! Loosening up with her is my goal for the week, thank you for the reminder 🙂

      9.25.17 · Reply
  6. Michelle said:

    We have the opposite problems lol. My baby’s schedule is 100% flexible and we go to the dog beach or for a walk twice a day most days. He’s 7 weeks old and I can manage him and the dog alone. He sleeps anywhere, including in wraps and carriers and will eat anywhere, anytime from breast or bottle. Unfortunately, he’s nowhere near sleeping through the night like your daughter does so each parental structure seems to have benefits and drawbacks.

    9.25.17 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      Wow I’m so envious! But you’re right, the night sleeping is clutch for me. If only we could meld our babies into one perfect super baby 🙂

      9.26.17 · Reply