Ophelia & Indigo x Lemon Stripes Collection

Ophelia & Indigo Lemon Stripes

Today is the day! I am so thrilled and nervous and excited to finally have my four-piece collection with Ophelia & Indigo live and out in the world. As of 8am this morning, you can order it from their website. We ordered a lot of product to avoid a quick sell-out but there is always the risk of it selling out due to this collection being a limited release. If that happens, we will work hard to get a second round up as soon as possible!

I first reached out to Lucy and Claire, the lovely, brilliant, and talented ladies behind the brand, about a year ago to kick off this process. I was feeling stagnant and bored with work and wanted to create something meaningful to me with a brand that is doing things the right way. Ophelia & Indigo was the one. They were thrilled with the idea and it’s been a beautiful relationship ever since.

The process has been so much fun and I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve created. I hope you love it as much as I do! Here is a breakdown of the styles, sizing, and more information behind the brand.

Amalia Dress

Oh how I love the Amalia Dress named after my first and only daughter. When I first showed it to Amalia she screeched and made me promise to save it for her when she grows up which is basically her highest compliment when it comes to my clothing. When they first created this pattern with a mix of stripes and block print that felt so perfect for me and for my brand. When we started looking at patterns, this was the first one I picked!

This dress is both casual and classy with structured puff sleeves to take it up a notch. I love the way it fits my body, hugging where it should hug and flowing where it should flow. It is officially one of my favorite dresses of all time.

Honor Top

Not to play favorites yet again, but the sweet flutter-sleeved Honor Top has sneakily risen to the top of my list. I love the tiny block print flowers and the flirty cut of the sleeves. It pairs well with shorts, skirts, and jeans. It can be dressed up or down and is incredibly versatile. The back features a cut-out with a bow for a little extra something.

Cici Dress

The O&I Cici dress has been a go-to of mine since they launched. I have it in three patterns now! It can be worn as a caftan without the belt or cinched and belted for a more pulled-together look. They created this indigo floral pattern for our collection which is absolutely stunning.

The Cici is one of those throw-on-anytime dresses that feels as comfy as PJs but looks sophisticated and unfussy.

Mary Top

In the same beautiful floral striped pattern as the Amalia dress, the Mary Top, named for my mama is elegant and oh so fun to wear. The mix of the puff sleeve with the button-front with the square necklace creates elevated style. I love to pattern mix with this top or pair it with simple jeans or denim shorts. It’s one you’ll reach for over and over again.


O&I carries sizes XS-XXL. They are meant to fit without being tight so I recommend choosing your usual size unless you want something more fitted. For reference, I am 5’6” and wearing an XS in each piece. Check out their sizing guide for more detailed information.

The Designs

The design process was my favorite part of this project. Lucy and Claire have an incredible eye and attention to even the smallest details. They nailed what I was looking for in her first round of designs and we only made a few changes from there. I couldn’t be happier with how all four pieces turned out!

Sustainability & Ethical Practices

One of the reasons I first fell in love with this brand was because of their start to finish dedication to sustainability and ethical fashion. They work with a trusted manufacturing partner in India, with whom they have a long working relationship and visit often. The factory is a long-established business, ethically audited and actively engaged in continuously improving conditions for workers.

It is a business that shares their creative vision and understands the importance of respecting the planet during the manufacturing process. They use only 100% cotton and work hard to select dyes with minimal chemical usage, things that you and I wouldn’t normally have to think about, but they have for us.

They also use any surplus fabric to produce pajamas that they donate to The Pajama Program.

Photos by Julia Dags.