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Grey Sweater White Jeans

Happy Friday, friends. What a week! Despite an afternoon off to lunch/chat with a friend I had a jam-packed week that doesn’t cease over the weekend. With NYFW in full swing, I’m heading to the city today and Monday for meetings, shows, and presentations. Then I’m taking a break on Saturday to attend the Greenwich polo match (v. fancy) and a concert with Anel in the city.

A few thoughts on fashion week… I actually hate it. As a blogger I’m probably not allowed to say that but luckily I’m the boss of this site so I just did! For those of you who see bloggers and celebs at NYFW and feel major FOMO, don’t. I promise it’s a whole lot of people pushing around, trying to be photographed, thinking their hot sh*t, wearing insane outfits. It’s totally not my scene.

Yet for some reason, I always feel FOMO. I think part of that is the fact that it’s a status symbol of sorts to go to shows, attend events, and nab big partnerships. Or maybe because I see my peers having fun and “running around the city all day!!!” and just wonder what I’m missing. But then I inevitably do it myself and remember that it’s not really my thing.

That being said, it’s important for me to go so I can take meetings with people and brands who are in town that wouldn’t be otherwise. I’m definitely skipping the shows so will miss out on most of the madness, but still have the anxiety that I feel going into it every season. Hoping I can get there and not get caught up in it all this time!

Despite it being after Labor Day, we still have a few more weeks of summer so I’m wearing white and not yet switching out my summer clothes for sweaters. However, a few weeks ago, we had a cool day and I busted out this oversized grey one with white jeans for an early dinner at Rowayton Pizza. Miraculously I didn’t spill any red sauce on my pants… Maybe it was a miracle?

Oversized Sweater

Summer to Fall Transition Outfit

Gray Sweater

Sweater / White Jeans / Bag c/o / Shoes


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