Pink and Orange

I’ve been wearing my orange and pink silky color-block H&M dress (#4) obsessively since I bought it 2 weeks ago. It is the perfect summer frock: light, colorful, fun, and super flattering. I never would have paired these two colors together, but once I did, I’ve started to see it everywhere. It feels so Miami against a see of black in Manhattan.

I have a strong urge to pair this combo with turquoise…hopefully you’ll see me in my crazy vision very soon. Stay tuned!

1. Kate Spade’s Loop de Loop Long Necklace: $148
2. Kate Spade’s Flutter FLoral Scarf: $95
3. Zara’s Panel Skirt: $39.90
4. H&M’s Color Block Dress: $34.95
5. Zara’s Neon Canvas Platform Sandals: $99.90
6. Lilly Pulitzer’s Eve Dress Striped: $298
7. Kate Spade’s Stand Tall Idiom Bracelet: $88

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