Rainbow Wall


It’s amazing how quickly weekends fly by these days. It seems like Friday nights blur into Monday mornings in the blink of an eye. Although it was fast, this weekend was especially fun. I started it off with a cut and color at Takamichi, followed by a much-needed Mexican food date night. I treated myself to a facial with Bonnie, took by a long run on the East River, (I’m almost up to 5 miles!), caught up on Scandal, and finally started True Detective, to which I’m already addicted.

Victoria invited me, Hitha, and our husbands over for game night on Saturday night. It was a ridiculously giggly evening full of wine, Turkish food, and Cards Against Humanity. At this stage in my life, that kind of evening is the ideal night out.

On Sunday, Rebecca and I discovered this amazing rainbow wall while driving to a photo shoot in Brooklyn. We literally saw it, pulled over, double parked, and took these pictures on a whim. I happened to be wearing my new favorite shirt with the cutest polka dot details on the cuffs.

The bright colors lifted my spirits and I’m ready to tackle the busy week ahead.


Wall 6






Photos by Rebecca Dale Photography.

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  1. Jessica said:

    That does sound like a pretty perfect evening! I saw your Instagrams and I was jealous of the Cards Against Humanity round!

    I’m head-over-heels for that tote!

    (If you’re interested, I’m giving away a pair of Emma McKinstry earrings valued at $70. Enter here.)

    3.24.14 · Reply
  2. Michele said:

    Loving the wall & that shirt! We actually busted out the CAH this weekend, too. I can’t tell you how pumped I was to pull “A micropig wearing a raincoat and tiny booties” – sometimes you need a trump card 😉

    The Salty Hanger

    3.24.14 · Reply
    • I totally dropped that card and my friend didn’t even pick it!!

      3.24.14 · Reply
      • Michele said:

        No way! Well I would have picked it up. It’s pretty clutch.

        3.24.14 · Reply
  3. Alyssa said:

    These are seriously such cool pictures-that yellow/orange wall is stunning!

    3.24.14 · Reply
  4. Kate said:

    Such great photos! They are the perfect back drop for your plaid shirt! Love the pop of polka dots on the sleeves and the boyfriend jeans and panama hat lend this look a relaxed, laid back vibe.


    3.24.14 · Reply
  5. WHERE exactly is that wall?! I need to frolic in front of it.


    3.24.14 · Reply
    • It’s in Dumbo. I have no idea what the cross streets were but will try to figure it out for you!

      3.24.14 · Reply
  6. Love that you look adorable for an “on a whim” shoot 🙂 Such a fun wall! We need one of those in our neighborhood. Also, wine + CAH is really the best way to spend a Saturday night. So many laughs!


    3.24.14 · Reply
    • Ha! Full disclosure, I had the hat and shoes in my car and added them to the look for the shoot 🙂

      3.24.14 · Reply
  7. GingerS said:

    Great photos and Julia, you look gorgeous!

    3.24.14 · Reply
  8. Holly + Casey said:

    This wall is an amazing backdrop. Love the plaid with the other print on the inside of that shirt, great casual outfit!

    3.24.14 · Reply
  9. That wall is an AMAZING background!!

    3.25.14 · Reply
  10. Love this top & hat! Btw, that evening in sounds fantastic!


    3.25.14 · Reply
  11. SUCH a fun place to shoot photos! Shooting in DC can get so boring compared to the variety of cities like NYC + LA

    3.25.14 · Reply
  12. Christine Hanks said:

    Love that wall! So pretty girl!

    3.26.14 · Reply