Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Summer Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve never really been one for capsule wardrobes, but as I navigate the world of sustainable fashion, it is making more and more sense to me. Why not focus on buying quality, classic products that will last summer after summer instead of trendier pieces that might end up in the donation pile when fall rolls around?

The idea of a capsule wardrobe is to buy a few classic items each season that will work well paired in different ways (scroll down to see how I did that) and that won’t go out of style anytime soon. While I tried to include as many sustainable brands as possible, my focus was more on including really great items that you will wear year after year.

Updated links: 5/26/20

My summer capsule wardrobe

1. Packable Sunhat
In case you hadn’t heard, sun protection is the most important. Don’t skip it! I wear SPF 50 on my face every single day of the year, and in the summer months, you can usually find me in a baseball cap on top of that. At the beach, I like a sunhat with a wider brim to protect my neck as well. I have this hat from Tuckernuck ($60, gifted) that you can fold up and pack easily which is a huge win because I’ve ruined other sunhats in transit to the beach in the past.

2. Striped Tee
A striped t-shirt was actually the first thing I added to my summer capsule wardrobe. Hundreds of brands make classic Breton- striped shirts, but I included a Saint James t-shirt ($90) on this list because they make super durable shirts that last for decades. I have three of them in my closet, one of wich I’ve had for over 10 years, which somehow gets better and even softer with age.

On top of that, they are an ethical company that produces their products in France. In 2005 they were even awarded the “Ethics and governance” trophy by the business school Ecole des Dirigeants et Créateurs d’Entreprise (EDC) sponsored by Jean-Pierre Raffarin, France’s Prime Minister at the time.

3. White Shorts
White denim shorts can be hard to wear. So many pairs are too tight or short or see-through. But if you go with a classic, like Levi’s you won’t be disappointed.

4. Rubber Birks
I wear my Birkenstocks every single day in the summer. I throw them on to play in the backyard with Amalia and they’re a staple for daycare pick up and drop off. I need something easy to slip on and off that actually supports my feet. I used to be a flip flops all day all night kind of gal but when I do that now, I get pain in my feet and calves. Yes, I’m old. It’s fine. I have this classic pair ($134), these rubber ones ($39) for summer so they can get muddy and wet without me having to worry about them. When they arrive, I’ll tell you more about how they fit in comparison to the classics, but they look similar.

5. Casual Jeans
In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve fallen in love with Everlane again and part of the reason why is because of their commitment to making clean denim. The other part is that they make incredible jeans that look cool, fit well, and come at a fantastic price. On a recent trip to the city, I picked up this pair of casual summery jeans ($68) that I find myself reaching for over skinny jeans lately because they’re so much comfier.

6. Espadrilles
I don’t wear heels all that often, but when I do in the summer, they’re usually espadrilles because they’re so comfy and flatter my legs. These Soludos espadrilles ($95) are classic and durable (I have them in blush and they’re on sale!). For something more affordable but will hold up summer after summer, these J.Crew Factory espadrilles ($38) are fantastic. I have them in blue and can speak from experience that they’re comfortable and look great too.

7. White Jeans
I am so excited that J.Crew brought back my all-time favorite pair of white jeans ($98). I had a similar pair for about 6 or 7 years and were finally at the point where they look more grey than white. I replaced them with these last summer and am happy to see they’re back again.

8. One-piece Swimsuit
You can’t go wrong with this classic 1989 scoopneck one-piece from J.Crew (on sale for $49). I love their suits, but if you want to stick to sustainable fashion, I also am a big fan of Summersalt. I have this suit in two colorways and this fun color block one is on my list too. The brand spends a lot of time researching different body types and sizing, and I can honestly say that I’ve never found a better-fitting swimsuit.

I also discovered a sustainable swimwear line called Vitamin A from a follower. You can read about their sustainability practices here. I’m adding one of their suits to my birthday wish list. This striped one-piece is my favorite, but I also randomly love this short-sleeved crop top suit. Plus the founder’s name is Ahmalia!

9. Headband
At this point, I do feel like a good headband is a wardrobe staple. Shopbop has a lot of great options as does J.Crew and Anthro. I also buy a lot of headbands on Etsy!

10. Denim Shorts
No good summer wardrobe is complete without the perfect pair of denim shorts. For me, that means high waisted but not too short with the perfect amount of distress. I have this pair of Levi’s ($69 in ‘Fault Line’) and wear them all the time. They’re often sold out of sizes but I also found them here. I also love these for a little less distress but the same look ($128)

11. Party Dress
I couldn’t have a summer capsule wardrobe without a party dress. I love wearing dresses in the summer because they’re just so easy. You don’t have to think about anything besides throwing it on with a pair of sandals. I rounded up some pretty dresses for this summer here.

12. White Tee
There is nothing like a perfect white tee and I’ve found one that is as close to perfection as they come. Everlane makes a lot of great tees, but their loose-fitting v-neck ($25) is my personal favorite.

13. Straw Tote
Two great options are this one (monogrammable, ($89) and this one ($105). There are also a lot of great options on Etsy for around $20.

How to wear these pieces together…


Hat + Dress + Espadrilles

White Tee + Shorts + Birks

Hat + Swimsuit + White Shorts

Striped Tee + White Jeans + Espadrilles

Jeans + White Tee + Headband


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  1. Melissa said:

    Beautiful picks! I especially love the silk headband and the denim shorts. My husband has the newer rubber Birkenstocks he loves to wear them when we’re at Weed with the kids because it is so rocky. I think I need a pair now ☺️ You couldn’t go wrong living in these outfits all summer xxMelissa

    5.29.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Thanks Melissa! OMG Anel wants a pair but I told him no. I think I need to get him one now that I know it’s acceptable for men too 🙂

      5.29.19 · Reply
      • Melissa said:

        Will has the hunter green ones they are cool! Maybe a Father’s Day gift for Anel?? Speaking of can you please do a Father’s Day gift guide?? xxMelissa

        5.29.19 · Reply
  2. Libby said:

    I love this, it is just like my summer capsule wardrobe! I also get lots of crap for my Birk’s, but I love love them! They are so comfy, and good for my freaky dancer feet lol. We can be on team Birk lover’s together ahaha!!

    xx Libby

    5.29.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      I like our team. We’ll be comfy and cool forever 🙂

      5.29.19 · Reply
  3. Dana said:

    Great post, I totally agree with every single item included in the capsule and I love the fact that you also put together some outfits at the end…so useful!

    5.29.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      So glad it was helpful!

      5.29.19 · Reply
  4. Allie C said:

    Pardon me while I go buy the everlane tee in every color…!!

    5.29.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:


      5.29.19 · Reply
  5. Alex J said:

    I hate to burst your bubble on those birks…I got a pair of the rubbery ones a year or so back and I find them pretty uncomfortable. Mine are a different style so ~hopefully~ that style works for you!

    5.29.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      This is the saddest thing I’ve heard all day! I’ll let you know if mine are a bust. I was going to get Anel a pair, but will wait to try mine out first. Thanks for the heads up!

      5.29.19 · Reply
  6. Monica said:

    Love this post Julia! I appreciate both the sustainable options as well as the similar items for less. Thanks for keeping it real!

    5.29.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Thanks Monica! Thanks for the love xx

      5.31.19 · Reply
  7. Carolyn Horn said:

    Great job Julia. I am old enough to be your mother. And have grandchildren older than Amalia. Love the wellness challenges and fashion notes as well as healthy recipes but am particularly impressed by your work on fashion sustainability and The True Cost. The capsule wardrobe idea is great. Keep up your wonderful work

    5.30.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Thank you so much, Carolyn. That means a lot!!

      5.31.19 · Reply