The Grass is Always Greener

Ann Taylor sweater, Ralph Lauren shirt, J.Crew jeans, Tory Burch flats, H&M and C.Wonder necklaces

My long hair was getting the best of me. It always took me a while to figure out how I was going to wear it each morning. Down and straight? In a donut bun? If I didn’t style it, I looked a hot mess. So this weekend I decided to have it all chopped off. Huge mistake! Now I only have one option that looks good and you’re lookin’ at it. It’s cute and I’m glad I made a change but any styling tips for short hair would be much appreciated.

On a more exciting note, my amazing photographer, Rebecca, gifted me this fantastic Ann Taylor sweater and I adore it. It’s a perfect pattern, color, and generally fun and happy. I had it paired with black pants and changed last minute to brighten up a rainy day this week!

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  1. Love the haircut! These colors are great for a rainy day. I recently cut my hair, and I’ve found that I like it curly a lot better now. I use herbal essences mousse and give it a good scrunch. Also, try headbands, you might be surprised!

    12.19.12 · Reply
  2. Debra said:

    You look marvelous! I do like the haircut! The outfit is so me here in CA. I love it!!

    12.19.12 · Reply
  3. The Zoggs said:

    We like the short hair ! We miss you guys. Merry Christmas

    12.20.12 · Reply
  4. Julie said:

    I think this cut looks great on you!! You may have already seen this, but click through these images on the Everygirl for some short hair inspiration – – I don’t know how you feel about curling your hair but this length looks great with some loose waves 🙂

    12.22.12 · Reply
  5. Julie said:

    Oh, and I’m far too obsessed with this outfit!!!

    12.22.12 · Reply
  6. Brian said:

    Great outfit, makes me think it’s Spring. I can’t believe how the yellow in the top and your shirt offset the entire green look. Combined with a pop of red in the necklace and those oh to die for Tory Burch flats. I have the same ones, they are my favorite. Thanks for sharing.

    2.23.13 · Reply
    • dave said:

      you should get the same out fit or something green also and get a tory burch purse

      8.2.16 · Reply
      • Brian said:

        Something like these emerald green Tory’s flats?

        8.2.16 · Reply
        • dave said:

          yes but you said you liked her outfit so i meant a green outfit, but love the flats also, do you have a troy burch purse

          8.2.16 · Reply