Summer Lovin’

I should preface this post by explaining that one of my favorite parts of summer is the food. My number one all time food is watermelon, and corn on the cob is a close second. I also love the sun, the beach, the tan lines, the high waisted skirts, rooftop parties, and summer fridays . That being said…

Last weekend, Whole Foods was having a sale on corn (6 husks for $2! definitely the most affordable produce item ever to be sold in the history of Whole Foods) so I decided to buy some and cook a summer dinner date at home for myself and Anel. Never having made corn myself- don’t judge, that was always my dad’s job! – I googled how to cook it to perfection. The first suggestion that I read was to microwave it. Seriously?! I was appalled and utterly disgusted by this cancer-inducing and horribly lazy instruction, so I decided to go the the master himself, my father. His advice: steam the corn for about 5 minutes for a perfect al dente, crunchy delicious side dish. As simple as that! Since last Saturday I have done this every night to add to whatever I’m eating for dinner. I smother it in ghee (clarified butter), sea salt, and black pepper. And then I buy a lot of floss.

Although to die for, the corn was not enough for our lovely little stay at home date so I settled on roasted asparagus and a light pasta dish to complete the meal. I was not in the mood for a big ordeal so I kept it simple. Really simple. Sometimes the best meals don’t require a cookbook or 15 ingredients.

Roasted Asparagus
– Lay asparagus flat in a baking dish
– Drizzle with olive oil, sea salt, pepper, and squeezed lemon
– Roast in the oven on 400 degrees for 10 minutes
– Finito!

Summer Pasta
– Cook 1 package of whole wheat or brown rice pasta
– While pasta is cooking, sautee one yellow onion, chopped, in olive oil
– Add grape tomatos (I cut them in half first, I swear it tastes better this way)
– Toss the pasta and vegetables, drizzle (read: pour tons of) olive oil over the top
– season with salt and red pepper flakes
– It’s crazy how boring this sounds but how good it tastes! I purposefully left out my usual favorite of garlic to keep it super light

Sorry about the lack of photos. Going forward, I will have my extremely talented photographer of a boyfriend do the artistic work. And I’ll feed him in return!

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  1. hilary said:

    Michael and I made this last week. Simple and delicious.

    6.23.10 · Reply