Tomato-y Beans

Anel and I had an amazing Greek dinner at Trata last weekend. We ordered half the menu and ate like kings! After courses of fried saganaki cheese with fig preserves and Greek meatballs with yogurt sauce, an underdog side dish arrived at the table and ended up being my favorite dish: Gigantes. Gigantes are Greek giant white beans that are usually served hot with a tomato, dill, and garlic sauce. I always order these at Greek restaurants because they they feel so warm and comforting. I decided to take a shot at my own version of Gigantes, Italian style. I tried to take a picture but Anel ate half the bowl before I could even get my camera out!

Tomato-y beans
– 1 can white beans, soaked for at least 20 minutes. I prefer Canellini. (Important note: Buy Eden brand beans to be sure that you get a can with no BPAs in it!)
– 2 Roma tomatoes, chopped (less seeds = less watery sauce)
– 3 cloves garlic, chopped but not diced
– 1 handful basil leaves
– A few tbspns of olive oil

– Sautee garlic in olive oil on low heat
– After 3 minutes, add tomatoes and basil
– Cook for about 3 more minutes
– Take mixture and put in a blender
– Blend until chunky, not smooth
– Add mixture and beans to pan and cook together for about 5 minutes
– Serve and Enjoy!

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