30 Gifts for (Younger) Kids

Kid gifts are my favorite to shop for because you know they’re going to bring so much joy to the kiddos in your life!

When I tell you this gift guide almost killed me… I spent hours on it and am so happy with the results. As you know, it’s cyber week so almost everything is on sale (even if I didn’t mark it below). I hope you enjoy it!

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Gifts for Kids

Love Pouch, $28: Stoney Clover Lane vibes without the SCL price.

Bluetooth Kareoke Microphone, $49: For the aspiring singer/songwriter.

Ride-On Car, $180: For the family that has one of those chic neutral playrooms, this would make a great addition.

Rainbow Kids Plate, $34: A Lemon Stripes reader started this very cute sustainable kids tableware brand. We love the rainbow plate for cute and functional snacking. It has removable suctions too!

Customized Beanie, $28: A great Etsy find, these beanies come in lots of colors and would be cute for siblings.

Plus Plus Unicorn Set, $19: Amalia loves a Plus Plus set. It is a fun and creative toy and comes in lots of options. If unicorns aren’t your thing, start with the basic tube (for $11 and also makes a great stocking stuffer) or the firetruck set.

Kids Digital Camera, $49 $35: My aunt gave Amalia this camera for her birthday in July and she is still obsessed with it 5 months later. She loves taking pictures of her brother and videos of her friends. It also has a few games on it (think old-school Nokia-style).

Chappywrap Midi Blanket, $85: The Chappywrap “Midi” size is perfect for kids to snuggle up with while watching a movie or reading a book.

Osmo Starter Kit, $120: Anel got this for Amalia last Christmas and it’s awesome. The Osmo attaches to a tablet and has interactive games where the kids learn and get creative on a drawing pad. I can’t really explain it but it’s so fun and so cool!

Magnatile Set, $68: A classic kid gift that kids of all ages love. Magnatiles never go out of style.

Glitter Slippers, $22: The cutest slippers ever.

Micro Mini Scooter, $94: The best scooter out there, hands down. We scoot in the driveway almost every night. If the kid is over 5 years old, get the bigger size. We have to upgrade to this one now.

Bath Bomb Maker Kit, $34: My kids are obsessed with bath bombs. This kit would be a fun project.

Toniebox Starter Set, $99: We all know how I feel about this genius piece of machinery.

Bluetooth Headphones, $24: Very cute and these will save you on long airplane and car rides.

Thank You Notes, $15: For a new writer to be able to write their own thank you notes after the holidays! They also comes in primary colors.

Dudley Stephens Fleece, $68 $27: The entire site is currently 40% off. Now is the time to buy! My kids love their little DS fleeces.

Train Table, $209: Luca is just starting to get into our train table and it’s so fun to watch. I know it will be years of playtime for him.

Magic Puffy Pens, $15.99: I want to steal these from my child because they are so fun to write with. So I guess this one is for me.

Hatch Rest 2nd Generation, $89: For a young kid this thing is a life saver. It is a white noise machine, a clock, and a nightlight that you can control from your phone.

The Dough Project Play Dough, $55: If there was such a thing as chic play dough, this would be it.

Corckicle Cup, $24 $17: I love the colors on this water bottle for kiddos.

Rey to Z Double Letter Hat, $38: My kids are each getting one of these double-letter hats from Santa!

Banwood First Bike, $195: I mean, how cute is this if you’re looking for a bigger gift?

Baby Shark Bath Bomb, $8: Did I mention that all kids love bath bombs?

Monogrammed Hooded Towel, $45: Practical and sweet for the kid who has everything.

Race Car, $20: As a mom to a boy with a car obsession, I appreciate the better-looking ones like this.

The Nugget, $229: The hours of fun Amalia and her pals have on this thing would shock you. It looks like a pile of pillows but is so much more. It makes a comfy couch, cool forts, and (our favorite)an  obstacle course.