What Teachers Want for Holiday Gifts

We all know how important teachers are to the future of our kids and our country. And we all know how underpaid they are. Showing them a little appreciation can go a long way.

I polled thousands of teachers on my Instagram stories about what they really want for holiday gifts and got more answers than expected. After sifting through all of them, I compiled a list of the most popular responses.

And please note, no mugs!

1. A note or drawing from their students: The number one answer by far was a very sweet one. Simply have your kid (or help your kid) write a note to their teacher and include original artwork! A little thought can go a long way. If a note and drawing is all you can give, that is enough but if you want to give more or anything in the list below, include the note too!

I also like to include a note from myself and Anel to tell them how much our kids have learned or how much they love the teacher.

2. Gift cards: Besides a note, almost everyone said a gift card. The most common requests were Amazon, Target,  Starbucks, and a local restaurant, but if you know your kid’s teacher loves a certain brand, it would be nice to make it more personal.

3. Cash: You really can’t go wrong with cash and a card. The amount depends on what you can afford. I would say $20 is probably the minimum though if you’re giving a cash gift.

4. Not a mug: This was my favorite answer and a lot of teachers wrote it in. I also got a bunch of no candles, no lotion, and no hot chocolate mixes. Noted!

5. Manicure: I love this idea so she can treat herself (or himself!). Be sure to include the tip in the gift card amount or throw in cash for the tip.

6. Class gift: More than a few teachers suggested that the whole class band together to give one gift. If you have an organized room parent, go for it. A spa gift card for a massage would be really nice here. Suggesting this to my room parent immediately!

7. Wine: A bottle of wine with a gift card taped to it would be even better.